May 12, 2018 23:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

In Back Symphony we witness a careful and gradual construction of the show, the backstage reveals itself to the public as a theatre. A theatre of lights.

The space, initially empty, comes alive when each element is brought to the stage, to give life to a symphonic concert and a mechanical ballet of motorized lights.

A dynamic and rhythmic growing crescendo, with glimpses of light and unexpected sounds, creates the Back Symphony.


Quiet Ensemble goes through the observation of the balance between chaos and control, nature and technology, creating subjects that perfectly merges the those elements, elements that take form from the relation of organic and artificial subjects, moving the attention to insignificant and wonderful elements, like the movement of a fly or the sound of trees.
The interest is connected to those technologies that explores the aesthetic and conceptual possibilities deriving from interactivity techniques, approaching the newest technological discoveries as if they would be the tools for creation, like the brush for the painter. Working on the relation between time and space, sound and image the work of Quiet ensemble changes and develops in time, relating to the space, changing it. Emphasizing the unexpected events, refuting the apparent immobility of shapes and melting the appearing opposition of forces in nature. Concrete and abstract shapes are sectioned and remodeled in hybrid forms and balances, parallel giving great importance to the pure aesthetics of forms. Quiet ensemble is born in 2009 from the meeting between Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli.













Warning: strobo lights


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