MUV Preview

May 7, 2010 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Radiq live
Akiko Kiyama live
Fumiya Tanaka live
InFlux visual

The new Japanese electronic scene is the highlight of the MUV preview of the festival that explores the artistic and cultural relations with the East, presenting three of the best dj producer artists coming from the country of the Rising Sun. The MUV festival is an exhibition of electronic music and digital arts that hosts audiovisual installations, dj/live and vj sets with internationally known artists, selected video shows, workshops, masters and competitions organised by the operators of the sector.
The MUV preview evening at Fabbrica Europa opens with the live show by Akiko Kiyama, a young Japanese musician on the scene in Tokyo’s best clubs since 2002. MUV preview’s other guest is Radiq aka Yoshihiro Hanno, the recent protagonist of the Nextech festival and composer of sound tracks of international fame. The evening ends with the dj set by Fumiya Tanaka, considered one of the most legendary minimal techno producers of the last 15 years.

Radiq_ live
Yoshiro Hanno aka Radiq is a musician/composer who had appeared in electro scene in 1997 with the album King of May. In 1998, he collaborated with Ex-Japan member Mick Karn for the album Liquid Glass and in the same year he was commissioned to perform Maurice Ravel’s Pavane For A Dead Princess with full orchestra of NJP (New Japan Philharmonic orchestra). He restructured the famous masterpiece and received the enthusiastic praise. In 1998 he also released his first album Portrait of a Poet under Yoshihiro Hanno name. This album received many compliments from artist like Jim O’Rourke and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
He had get international fame also as composer for film score doing ones including Platform which is directed by film director Jia Zhang-ke (Venice Film Festival ‘the NETPAC Award’, Nantes Film Festival-GrandPrix, Buenos Aires Film Festsival-GrandPrix), Cannon which is directed by film director Isao Yukisada, All tomorrow’s parties which is directed by film director Yu Likwai (exhibited work for Cannes Film Festival).
In 1999, in his Multiphonic Ensemble alias, he released his second album Cirque, whose music was inspired by the masterpiece of Georges Rouault Circus.
Since 2001, Hanno had been developing more world-wide activities basing on both Paris and Tokyo. He has been enthusiastically doing a lot of live performances at each European countries like U.K, France, Germany, Switzerland and Belgium, including taking part in Radical Fashion with Bjork.
In 2003 Hanno had released his most brilliant work Lido that contains the results of all his career. He is releasing latest type of minimal electro album Graffiti & Rude Boy 67′ which collects dynamism of Hip hop, Dub and Jazz under name of Radiq.

Akiko Kiyama_live
Born in Tokyo, Akiko was surrounded by classical music education when she was little. At the age of 14, she was absorbed in Drum’N’Bass that was just occurred in London, and she made a commitment to club music, her current style.
She started to create her own tracks with laptop since 2002 and has been performing at a lot of clubs in Tokyo with many of artists. Then, her original track picked for compilation EP Newsdays from Sud electronic in July 2004 and her first solo EP dimension released from Sud electronic in October 2004 so that she got evaluated by top class DJs in the world. In November 2005, her track came from contexterrior, and also Richie Hawtin selected her track in his DE9 Transitions.
Her sounds twist and turned and surprised you at every listen, they had the strangest way of creeping up on you, then finally enveloping you into akiko’s world.

Fumiya Tanaka_dj set
Fumiya Tanaka has been regarded as one of the legendary DJ artists in Techno over 15 years. He has been doing numerous projects such as his private label Torema Records, his recent label “op.disc” (co-running with Yoshihiro Hanna), and his famous party Chaos (in Tokyo and Osaka), and through his long running career, he has been successfully expressing the possibilities of music. His unique style is focused on “minimal” techno, but through his play, he pulls out the beauty, the depth and the thickness of music and turns “minimal” into “maximum”. This is one of the reasons why he is still at the top.
In 2007, Fumiya released an epoch-making DVD “via”, which contains his live DJ MIX with a real time audio commentary. This release vividly shows his music/play as the result of physical reactions and continuous thinking. As his other recent works, he has been working on his live unit, “DARTRIIX” with RADIQ aka Yoshihiro HANNO and has already released two EPs and a full length album on op.disc.
Now he is planning to start a new label called “Sundance” and it is scheduled to be launched very soon.


a co-production MUV festival and Fabbrica Europa
in collaboration with CityMix










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