Room with no echo

Miha Erman

May 6, 2011 - May 7, 2011 18:00

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta di Firenze | IT


Room with no echo takes the experience of an anechoic chamber (a no echo-room) as a starting point of its exploration and development.
Anechoic chamber is a content-removing structure. Allegedly humans can’t bear to stay in it for longer periods of time. Symptoms are irrational fear, anxiety and severe insecurity.
Anechoic chamber is the melting pot of embodiment, a space where no Other exists: it results in excommunicated, asocial and naked body. It is a room without echo, a space of communication absence, in which the subject (person) becomes completely objectified – it meets its own matter and her functions. Subject re-turns to its organic being without the possibility of re-connecting with the environment. His being has been abstracted from the process of communication: anechoic chamber represents a capsule of total isolation, a symbolic space of existence without information.
Performance builds on this conflict on the level of the body experience representation – body sounds, digestion, body-liquids flow, decay, movement, touch. It reveals self-touching layers, discovers the body’s geography.
Miha Erman refuses to represent such kind of experiences, rather they are being taken as departure points of the process: it is the plot of the situation that enables the research of embodiment. Firstly with sound – sound emotions, situations and realities; and secondly through relations of sound with space, environments or body-geographies and the body history (video).
Science and technology are therefore fundamental patterns of the performance overwhelming it with its concept and structure. Room with no echo is an experimental project assembling and re-destructing contemporary human body: physical and social.


author: Miha Erman
consultant for audiovisual media: Marko Rop
performers: Primož Bezjak, Bor Pungercic
sound design and music: Miha Erman, Miha Jaramaz
multimedia and technology: Jasmin Talundžic
costume design: Aleksandra Brlan
production: Muzeum Ljubljana
co-production: ZVVIKS Institute for film and audiovisual production
in collaboration with Bunker Productions – The Old Power Station
The show is part of the project “Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts” with the support of Culture Programme of the European Union.
Room with no echo is part of the events of Festival d’Europa.









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