Sabrina Mazzuoli


September 9, 2022 17:30

Giardino delle Rose di Firenze | IT

Free admission

From interstellar to calore is an immersive choreutic experience through which human beings and the connections they cross are displayed, recognizing a common thread that links all personal experiences to each other. Movement and dance are used to unveil a space where one can be still, where one can choose to recount, express a memory that belongs to us all, a resonance that touches us in a place where everyone here is allowed to cross.
Through motion and dance guided and inspired by key words like meditation, collective, human, memory, nature, geometry, the connection between personal and universal, between neutral and emotional, From interstellar to calore guides you through the macro to the micro and back again.
In this occasion the performance is presented in its open air version for three dancers.


Sabrina Mazzuoli has a Bachelors degree in Theatre and as a dancer and choreographer. She has studied in Italy, The Netherlands, United States, and she attended the course SNDO – School for new dance development at the Theatreschool in Amsterdam. She has collaborated as a dancer and performer with choreographers, visual artists, and theatre directors. She has worked on her own choreographic projects shown in several choreographic festivals in Italy such as Nao Performing festival, Body Songs, Verdecoprente festival, Cortoindanza. In 2015 she won the NAOCREA public competition, and in 2017, with the project Alla Montagna, the public competition Choreo-Dance. Besides dance her research focuses on listening to ones body and on the possibilities of movement through holistic disciplines, in particular yoga.


concept and choreography: Sabrina Mazzuoli
dancers: Chiara Albano, Chiara Casiraghi, Sara Sicuro
music selection and props: Sabrina Mazzuoli
stage consultant: Camilla Giani
co-production: Fabbrica Europa, Compagnia degli Istanti
creative residencies: PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, Company Blu
as part of Dance4Gardens 5th edition, with the support of Città Metropolitana di Firenze











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