Sang Jijia


November 22, 2019 - November 24, 2019 18:00

City Contemporary Dance Festival Hong Kong | HK

November 22, 2019 18:00
November 23, 2019 18:00 and 20:30
November 24, 2019 18:00 and 19:00


within Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance festival


Re-Mark is the site-specific creation of dance and multimedia by Chinese choreographer Sang Jijia that opened the 25th edition of the Festival Fabbrica Europa in 2018 at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence
The creation comes back on stage in a new version created for the City Contemporary Dance Festival in Hong Kong

Everyday in our life, we leave behind quite many marks, inadvertently: the foot prints on the path we walked, lipstick on the rim of the glass we drank from, or a snapshot imprinted in our mind when we brushed past someone or something on our way. These marks evoke thoughts about the persons who have been around, on things that existed or happened, of the time that has flitted pass.
For some of the marks, you might wish they would lead you to find yourself, or direct others to find you.
Sang Jijia



creation and choreography: Sang Jijia
video direction: Tommaso Arosio
live music: Spartaco Cortesi
performed by Carolina Amoretti, Giovanfrancesco Giannini, Isabella Giustina, Claudia Mezzolla, Fabio Novembrini, Pietro Pireddu, Violeta Wulff Mena, Valentina Zappa
costumes: Rebecca Ihle
video operator: Alessandro Di Fraia
recordinds: Umi Carroy Niane (piano), Alice Chiari (cello)
production: Fondazione Fabbrica Europa
in co-production with City Contemporary Dance Company-Hong Kong, The Dance Industry/Spellbound Contemporary Ballet, Versiliadanza



[photo: Marco Caselli Nirmal]










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