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Smash your mask aims at investigating the concept of Individuality as a combination of distinctive features which form every single person. Every individual is therefore unique, peculiar, intrinsically different from any other.
 Identity instead relates the person to the collective, in order to have it fitted into a plural context. Identity and Individuality are the key terms in the mediation between what is innate and what is built, who we feel we authentically are and who we feel we should be in relation to the society we are living in.

Our body is the mediator between us and the external world: our embodied knowledge. It is the device through which we express either the distance from what we perceive as different from us, or the proximity to something we recognize as similar. Nearness and Distance, the Self and the Other are parameters which define us, but only temporarly. Our system of values is in constant flux, characterized by a rapid obsolesence: what defines us today, tomorrow won’t. Nothing is right or wrong. The rule itself leads to its overcoming such as an insane act can be totally free and coerced at the very same time.

Smash your mask will disappoint the expectations since it won’t provide an answer to this dicotomy, it only expresses it through a dialogue which is characherized by the absolute unjudgemental acceptance of any input, whether it is a specific rigid code or a random rash gesture.
 The main focus of this work is to “call into question” rather than “searching for something”.
The real inquiry about diversity consists in rearranging and re-evaluating patterns and thoughts.


Elisa Capecchi started dancing at the age of four. She studied ballet and contemporary dance at Centro Studi Danza in Grassina (Florence). She is graduated in RAD technique. Soon she gained experience dancing in her little school company around Italy and then in 2009 she started working with the Florence Dance Company. She also worked with Aldes/Roberto Castello beginning then a long collaboration. In 2012 she took part in Arsenale della Danza-Biennale di Venezia, directed by Ismael Ivo, and subsequently at the Dance Journey Program of the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, directed by Rami Be’er, joining then the main company. She started caring in choreography and teaching. In 2015 she worked with Company Blu-Charlotte Zerbey and in Marseille with Marco Becherini. She created own works and started collaborating, as a dancer, with theatre companies Leviedelfool and TPO.
Sara Campinoti was born in 1991 in Florence. She started her professional dance formation at Opus Ballet and Oma (Florence) and she continued with Virgilio Sieni company in the project called Officina Pontormo. In 2012 she danced in L’O.fficina company directed by Samuele Cardini and Tan Temel. Since 2013 she worked in TPO company and she danced in many festivals all around the world. In 2014 she moved to Israel to study with Kibbutz contemporary dance company and here she worked with young choreographers and she learnt the repertory of the company. In 2015 she created the solo OffWithHerHead presented in EchoEcho festival in Londonderry (UK). In 2016 she collaborates with Collettivo Kirillov in the project 2BEE. In 2015 she was a cofounder of the artistic collective FIKA contemporanea danza. She teaches contemporary technique and floor work in different spaces in Florence and around.


concept and choreography: Sara Campinoti and Elisa Capecchi
organization and artistic support: FIKA contemporanea danza
light design: Luce Attiva di Gabriele Termine











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