Sara Lupoli


September 15, 2020 19:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

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the skin of images


rosarosaerosae – the skin of images is a multimedia project in which different visual languages meet. The performance is a poet ic storytelling, which connects the process of identification and construction of the Self with the investigation of the relationship between Word, Image and Surface; a journey of music, dance and textiles that creates connections and emotional maps; a “ tactile” material process in which the journey is understood as a needle that enters the plots of the realworld.
Skin, body, textiles, projections, sounds, movements are confused in the repertoire of immaterial places, where feelings, emotions and memories reside, acting as sensors of an intangible world and at the same time shaped by reality.


Sara Lupoli (1987) is an Italian dancer, choreographer and performer. She has started studying ballet and contemporary dance at the “Ecole Supérieure de Danse de Cannes” of Rossella Hightower. In the meantime she has attended the University studying Political Science and in 2013 in Marseille she achieved the abilitation for teaching the Pilates Tecnique. Since 2009 she has worked between Italy, France and Belgium with different companies such as Cannes Jeune Ballet, European ballet, Ballet d’Europe, Compagnia Körper, Cie Barbiana and with Teatro Stabile di Napoli “Mercadante”. She has worked with renowned artists such as Noa Wertheim, Dimitris Papaioannou, Emanuel Gat, Jean Charles Gil, Sharon Fridman, Christophe Garcia, Michel Kelemenis and Eddie Peake. She also works on a personal artistic project of research and in 2014 founded the association “PianoBe” in Marseille, where she mixes her interests in choreography, theatre, video art and interaction design.


concept, choreography, performance: Sara Lupoli
video scenography: Alessandro Papa
costumes: Daria Bonavita, Dario Biancullo
sound design: Giorgio Bosso, with the collaboration of Matteo Vinti
lights design: Marco Ghidelli
editing: Pietro Di Francesco
production: Körper
co-production: PianoBe
project in collaboration with the “Academy of Fine Ar ts of Naples”, thanks to Zaira De Vincentiis
with the support of Theatre des Calanques, Casa del Contemporaneo, Art Garage, N+N Corsino, EEL at Casa Morra, Sala Assoli, Fabbrica Europa


















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