May 29, 2018 20:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

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from May 29 to June 2
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Also scheduled on
May 30, 2018 20:00


In her new work, a solo piece for the dancer Evyatar Said, choreographer Shira Eviatar continues to research the way cultural knowledge is embodied in the body. The work draws a personal cultural landscape from the Yemenite tradition: movement, dances, rhythms, gestures, values, ways of thinking and communication that together compose a language that is practiced as ones heritage. By entering the public space, this language becomes recognized, identified as “other”.

On stage, Said migrates into his home; he deconstructs and rewrites his body memories, his bodies of knowledge, emotions and sensations as he
celebrates the possibility of establishing an independent body in the present.


Shira Eviatar is an independent choreographer and dancer based in Tel Aviv. She is a DanceWeb scholarship program
participant (2015) and holds a degree in dance theatre from Kibbutzim College. She studied at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute in New York and in Kelim- a body for choreographic research. She has performed her works in festivals throughout Israel and Europe, such as Curtain Up, Diver Festival, International Exposure, Malta Festival, Fresh – Tanztage Braunschweig, La Becquee Festival, EPOS Film Festival/ Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and recently has been invited by the Bat-Sheva Dance Company to perform her newest work Rising and as a guest artist at SEAD. Eviatar is fascinated by the roots of the body and mind and how we embody our past generations, traditions and cultures. Some of her works include Body Roots, Body Mandala, Rising, Three Generations: One Body, Kosher and De-Port Workers.
Evyatar Said is a performance artist, focused on Jewish-Yemeni folklore dance and Oriental folk dance in the field of contemporary dance. He has been a movement consultant for Yemeni dance with Shira Eviatar on her work Rising. He took part on the mockumentary TV series “Ne’elamot” made by Ilan Peled. He danced for Leor Grady’s video-art work “Poel Tivi” and performed Yemeni and Palestinian dances in Adi keisar’s poetry events “Ars Poetica”.


choreography: Shira Eviatar
creator and dancer: Evyatar Said
Eviatar/Said premiered at Between Heaven and Earth Festival and was created in residency at Kelim center, Tights-Alliance of Dance and Thought, SEAD, Austria, and is supported by Mifal Hapais.


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