Sketches of Freedom

Tommaso Monza

May 18, 2017 21:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

AROUND_35 project

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Sketches of Freedom is a choreographic project which delves into the concept of Creative Freedom.
A choreography which opens with a series of pictures and streams of thought on this theme. A score of images leaving little space for individual freedom and yet opening up alternative ways of behaving.
This obsessive sequence builds up to an intense need for freedom with the backdrop being the constant reflection on our way of behaving.
Nevertheless, the rhythm, the possibilities which emerge from repetition and the way each performer is so physically different unravels the choreography, revealing each individual’s inner self.
Sketches of Freedom shuffles a pack of cards made up of theatre and performance, politics and culture, searching for one’s own personal space and abandoning oneself to events.
Perhaps the rituals we adhere to, like in a Sabbath, are the only way which leave us the hope of coming out of ourselves and seeking that “in between” role
which art can let us indulge in for a while.


Tommaso Monza studied as a sculptor at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, and later he moved closer to dance-theatre and contemporary dance studying and training with Abbondanza/Bertoni, Julien Hamilton, Roberto Castello, Ivan Wolf, Liat Waysbort, Silvia Rampelli, Loren Potter…
He has been working as a dancer and artist associate within Abbondanza/Bertoni Company since 2005 and within Ambra Senatore Company since 2010.
From 2010 Tommaso Monza has started his own choreographic research presenting a solo (Fra le mia dita rotte), a quartet (Piazze d’Italia), inspired by Italian artist De Chirico, and a duet (Dei nostri eroi più fragili). His projects have been presented in Italy as well as in Europe. In 2012 he’s part of Choreoroam Europe Project. Tommaso Monza has been working on his own performing art project ROD-Three Units on Kazakhstan since 2012, involving several artists.
ROD, finalist project at Premio Equilibrio Roma 2014, aims at the creation of contemporary dance productions and performances with both Italian and Kazakh artists, inspired by the culture of Kazakhstan, whose people attracts because of its nomad root and its struggle for a cultural identity.
In 2015, with the piece Mary’s Bath, he was awarded with the prize of the critic at Ermo Colle 2015. In the same year he was selected by Anghiari Dance Hub, where he has developed the project Sketches of Freedom.


choreography: Tommaso Monza
with Andrea Baldassarri,Marco Bissoli, Tommaso Monza, Lucia Pennacchia
light dedign: Andrea Gentili
set design: Tommaso Monza
production: Natiscalzi DT, Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni
co-production: Kilowatt festival
projected supported by Anghiari Dance Hub 2015
project supported within the residencies of the Region Lazio by 20 chiavi teatro
project supported by Compagnia Sosta Palmizi residency project
finalist project at Prospettiva Danza prize


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