Sonic Somatic 2019


October 4, 2019 - October 6, 2019 00:00

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre Firenze | IT

All the events are free.
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From October 4th to 6th, Sonic Somatic, the Festival dedicated to sound and visual arts interactions comes back to Florence.
This year’s edition presents a programme of site specific sound walks,  listening sessions and performances in the Parco delle Cascine and a sleeping concert at PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, in collaboration with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa e Radio Papesse.


Meeting point for the performances and the Sleeping concert
Piazzale delle Cascine, Florence

h 17:00
Elisabetta Senesi
Cascine Silent Soundwalk
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The sound walk led by the artist Elisabetta Senesi is structured as a journey thoughout some areas of the Parco delle Cascine aimed at exploring the surrounding space during a normal day. By listening and walking in silence, visitors will be led by the space and their imagination.

from h 17:30 to 19:00
Annika Kappner
GAIA Rising
Site specific soundwalk
Annika Kappner’s sound walk is a guided meditation that aims to facilitate the reconnection with our body, individual and collective, and to enter into connection with the “planetary body” and the centre of the Earth.


from h 15:00 to 19:30
Annika Kappner
GAIA Rising
Site specific soundwalk

h 15:30
Elisabetta Senesi
Cascine Silent Soundwalk
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from h 15:30 to 17:00
Donatella Morrone
0: Vacua Forma
Site specific performance
The body becomes a means by which to open a research on silence, emptiness and the minimal form. Visitors take an active role as an integral part of the space and time frame in which the action takes place. Emptiness and silence become a space for contemplation, distant from the idea of absence and denial.
In collaboration with Anghiari Dance Hub

h 21.30
Black Med
Listening session
Black Med is a listening session that reflects on the identity of the Mediterranean, a sea that is no longer perceived as a place for exchanges and communication but as a scenario of intense geopolitical contrasts and tragic ends. Originally produced for Manifesta 12 in Palermo, the performance explores the sound routes that cross the Mediterranean today, starting from the reinterpretation of the Black Atlantic theory made by the scholar Alessandra Di Maio.


From SAT OCTOBER 5 h 22.30 until SUN OCTOBER 6 h 8:00
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Enrique Ramirez
Un Hombre que camina
Video, full HD, 2014, 21’30”
language: Spanish: subtitles: English
Shot in the largest saline of the world in Uyuni, Bolivia, at almost four thousand meters above sea level, the film is a poetic reflection on the loss of regional identity and on the desire to reconcile tradition and modernity.
The soundtrack of the film was released in 2018 under Iván Navarro’s Hueso Records label.

Christian Naujoks
Live performance
Christian Naujoks, an artist who is currently resident at Villa Romana in Florence, presents his latest album Wave: a melancholic work, at the crossroads of electronic music and chamber music, with a rarefied and delicate atmosphere.

Biodiversità Records (FossaDelRumore a.k.a Pietro Michi e USER FROM PT a.k.a Massimiliano Fortunati)
Logos Terapia
Hybrid set
The work focuses on the digitalisation of the frequency interferences that exist between nature and the sleeping human being, both sources of energy.

Hagai Hizenberg
Radio Concrete
Listening session
Radio Concrete is an experimental radio programme in which the sound artist Hagai Izenberg mixes and manipulates field recordings, radio broadcasts and concrete sounds: ambient sounds and TV samples, mixed with live sources – FM and AM stations and other online streaming sources – and sound objects as hacked and amplified toys.

Alpin Folks
From horizon to horizon a single suspended silence
Live set
A stack of records and a stack of books on the table of the console. Alpin Folks composes the image of a familiar and exotic nature, combining sound sources with literary and scientific quotes.
Alpin Folks thanks Piano B Edizioni.

Annika Kappner
Cosmic Earth Yoga
Yoga session
A series of Yoga exercises to wake up and develop our capacity for receiving, to reconnect with our bodies and the Earth, to ground ourselves.
It is not good to sleep with plants. During the night the chlorophyll photosynthesis is interrupted and the carbon dioxide escapes, but only thanks to this rest of the night expiration, every day when we wake up the plants return to let us breathe a new life and our bodies can feel at ease with the space that surrounds us.


During the days of the festival we suggest to reach Parco delle Cascine by the tramway where, from October 3rd to 6th, Radio Papesse curates Benjamin, a festival of sound art taking place at 12 tram stops with more than 40 artists involved.


Sonic Somatic 2019 is realized thanks to the support of Comune di Firenze within Estate Fiorentina 2019
in collaboration with Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, Radio Papesse
partners: Lottozero, Omikron
graphic project: Dania Menafra

















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