Giving Voice

May 16, 2010 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


The presence of Siberian vocalist Stepanida Borisova at Fabbrica Europa ’10 is an important time to collaborate with the Giving Voice project of CPR Wales.
Giving voice is an international project that aims to investigate and enhance voice in performance through meetings, seminars, workshops and shows.

Stepanida Borisova, originally from the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in East Siberia, is an extraordinary actress, singer and interpreter of the epic songs accompanying the shamanic rites of “Spirit Nutrition.”
His mastery of improvisational vibratory song Toyuk allows him to span in vast repertory expressive and to impersonate different characters, representing good and evil.

Stepanida sings “Ugadan Kurdish” as a shaman: in Kamlania, shamanic women are considered more powerful than men and even said that his voice healed the sick.

Together with other artists in his country, he has made an important contribution to the development of Sakha culture, engaging in numerous international projects that have brought him to the international stage, from Europe to the United States.


a CPR – Center for
Performance Research, Aberystwyth (Wales) and
Pontedera Teatro Foundation










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