Steps Ahead -Testing Zone


July 6, 2014 18:30

Armunia Castiglioncello / Inequilibrio | IT

Armunia / Inequilibrio Festival welcomes the site-specific final workshow of the international laboratory testing practices of peer coaching, that takes place July 3 to 5 at Artimbanco in Cecina.

In the intensive laboratory, six young European artists and peer coaches encounter a group of twenty participants selected by Artimbanco, to verify in a field work the practices learned in the different national and international training stages of the project “Steps Ahead. Professionalisation of Junior Coaches in Performing Arts and Media”, a Leonardo da Vinci project funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission and promoted by jfc Medienzentrum (Germany), Associazione Culturale Fabbrica Europa (Italy), Stichting ROOTS & ROUTES (Netherlands), Mira Media (Netherlands), S.Mou.Th (Greece), Subjective Values Foundation (Hungary).

The multidisciplinary approach of the context and of the group provides an optimal framework for evaluating the field work in different cultural contexts, working in a concrete situation in relation to both the coaching and the artistic process, in order to realise the final event in terms of design, organisation, presentation.

The final site-specific workshow will be so designed and built as a path of image, sound, speech, and movement in the various waiting areas, passages, meeting places, in the railway station of Castiglioncello.

artistic and didactic coordination: Pietro Gaglianò, Caterina Poggesi, Cesare Torricelli
peer coaches: Cristiano Cappellini, theatre (IT); Zsófia Gábor, visual arts (HU); Yomi Hitijahubessy, dance (NL); Eleni Kyprioti, music (GR); Andrea Minuti, theatre (IT); Josephine Stamer, dance (DE)
organisational coordination: Marina Bistolfi, Serena Bertini

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