Nicola Galli

June 13, 2016 18:00

Biblioteca Nazionale Firenze - Sala Dante | IT

Free admission
Limited seats

Tel. 055 2638480

Within the project Secret Florence


SUPERNOVA is a fragment of the project for ensemble DE RERUM NATURA.
With amazing attention to the explanation of the phenomena, the poet and philosopher Lucretius describes the nature of the things. The Latin poem De Rerum Natura is an encyclopedia to illuminate the dark matter, that reveals, with delicate poetry and content able to anticipate the modern science, the reality of the cosmos and the human being.
The supernova is the explosion of a star, its terminal evolution stage. Its brightness and energy intensify triggered by gravitational collapse, and for this reason it looks like a new star in the heavens.
The human soul can hardly understand the vastness of an immense and far cataclysm, it only can observe the brilliance that seems to tell the endless mutation of the world and the cyclic regeneration.


Nicola Galli works on body research, stated in artistic pieces and devices that ranges from choreography to performance, from body installations to graphics. The irradiate core of his work is the body, closely-related to organic and inorganic nature of time, space, light and sound: his artistic research focuses on analytical exploration of movement as a part of different knowledges.
In 2010 he created MDV project [Metamorfosi del vuoto], research on shape and definition of the “stratification” and “landscape” concepts in connection with the body, that develops in installations and choreographic pieces: IO SONO QUI (2011), prime visioni sottocutanee (2011), O | proiezione dell’architettura ossea (2012), OSSO (2012), JUPITER AND BEYOND (2013-2014), Delle ultime visioni cutanee (2014), VENUS (2015).
Contextually to artistic research, Nicola Galli creates and manages educational workshops dedicated to children and adults.

concept and dance: Nicola Galli


Secret Florence‘s core mission of the project is to enhance the attractiveness of the city during the opening week of Pitti Immagine Uomo.
This is achieved through an innovational and high quality artistic proposal intended for a young, international audience interested in unveiling the connections between contemporary artistic languages and the extraordinary historical heritage of Florence.

Secret Florence is produced and promoted the Municipality of Florence with the support of Pitti Immagine and involves a number of Florentine organizations and institutions that work at the international level and represent a plurality of artistic expressions ranging from music to dance, from visual arts to the cinema : Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Lo Schermo dell’Arte Film Festival, Museo Marino Marini, Museo Novecento, Tempo Reale – Centro di ricerca, produzione e didattica musicale, Virgilio Sieni – Centro di produzione sui linguaggi del corpo e della danza.

Download HERE the whole programme.

Secret Florence is part of Fiere Pitti Immagine 2016 Special Programme promoted by Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana and realized with the support of Mise (Ministry of Economic Development) and Agenzia Ice as part of the project in support of Italian fairs and ‘Made in Italy’.


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[photo: Juan Cirilli, detail]



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