Presentation of the book

May 12, 2010 18:00

Auditorium Sant'Apollonia Firenze | IT


Jan Fabre
Maria Grazia Gregori, theatre critic, L’Unità
Franco Quadri, Edizioni Ubulibri director

Fabbrica Europa, in collaboration with Ubulibri, presents Teatro by Jan Fabre.


The book is the collection of eight pièces, written since the Eighties, almost all translated and published in Flemish by the publisher Meulenhoff. From these texts it becomes clear that Jan Fabre has always continued to study the body in all its aspects before this became a trendy practice. His architectural perception of scenic space, the commitment to dance, the particular interpretation of the theatre as a work of art, makes him a unique writer.
His pièces, carefully developed, often in the form of a monologue, are discursive, but never lacking in poetry or virulence.




















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