Teatro dell’Argine


August 27, 2022 17:00

Palazzo della Propositura in San Gimignano | IT

Free admission

+ 39 328 1493675

Journey around “Il Labirinto” (“The Labyrinth”) – Virtual Reality Show

Videos and talk about the Virtual Reality show by Teatro dell’Argine (2021 Ubu Special Award)

Il Labirinto is an innovative, immersive and itinerant post-theatrical show that experiments with a new language that combines theatre, cinema, virtual reality and gaming.
The last stage of the Politico Poetico project and the new production by Teatro dell’Argine, Il Labirinto is the result of a poetic desire, never consolatory or didactic, to tell the most fragile and critical side of the youth/city relationship.
14 visual and sound experiences tell 14 stories of forgotten adolescence, thanks also to dozens of interviews with local bodies and associations that work with boys and girls in a condition of disadvantage or danger. 14 like the children that the city of Athens had to send to Crete to appease the hunger of the monster that lived in the labyrinth, the terrible Minotaur. 14 encounters to be experienced within a city that, as in a dream or a nightmare, we seem not to recognize even though we know it is ours.
Each spectator is equipped with a headset, a special device that projects the wearer into a scenario so realistic that it seems real. Immersed in a virtual reality, the public will be able to look around at 360 degrees, explore different places, interact in a different way with things and people. Without ever leaving a real space of 7×7 meters, viewers in virtual reality move through a labyrinth of corridors and rooms where they can discover the 14 stories of Il Labirinto.

At the end of the presentation, headsets will be made available to participants to immerse themselves in the experience of Il Labirinto.











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