May 14, 2011 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

The Glimmers – dj set > Special Guest
Described by DJ Magazine “the more adventurous pair of djs in the world!” The Glimmers (Belgium) are among the most famous and appreciated djs and producers in Europe. Considered by many as the true successors of 2ManyDj’s, their trademark is the ability to mix in their dj sets an impressive number of genres: new-beat, funk, dub, house, techno, hip-hop, electro, new -wave, post-punk, disco, rock and pop. Also known as the Glimmer Twins, in the last 10 years they released epic EPs and albums like Serie Noire: Dark Pop and New Beat (2002), The Glimmers Are Gee Gee Fazzi (Part I and II, 2008) and Whomp That Sucker! (2010) on Gomma Records. And we cannot forget the work for the DJ Kicks series, the cult German label !K7 (2005) and the famous compilation Fabric Live of ’31 (2006). Backed by an over 20-year career in clubs and festivals around the world, they boast collaborations with The Chemical Brothers, Grace Jones, MGMT, Bloc Party, The Killers, New Order, Soulwax, and Moby. Watching a dj-set of the two “twins” is really an unforgettable experience.


Diamondog! – dj set
Lorenzo aka Boddi Diamondog!, musician and guitarist of the project “we rent Vinyl”, approach the console in 2006 with the birth of the Tape Club, where he shares the stage during 4 seasons with guests such as Mike Simonetti (Italians do it better), Steve Nolan (Allez allez) and C-90’s. Lover of aesthetic research, social networks deserter and musically omnivorous, he characterizes his sets with an eclectic and fresh sound, a mix of disco-edit, balearic, post-punk and cosmic rock. He is currently resident, with Umberto Saba (Loudtone), in the Monochrome weekly one-night of Doris.
In collaboration with: Disco_nnect and Doris


TimeToSleep – live Vj set
TimeToSleep is a project by video maker Lucio Di Cicco and photographer James Menzani, born in January 2008. They combine their visual imagery in a live interaction with sound, trying to create a dialogue between two or more streams of images. The new project, Homevideo, presented within Fabbrica Europa, aims to devise new forms of interaction between the historical narrative and the obsessive repetition of the loop, between the family video biography and the collective moment of the dance floor. An interaction found in an intermittent dialogue of a super 8 shot and a digital full hd shot, catalyzed through a restless and intense ironic live. Lucio Di Cicco and James Menzani find with this project a fragile esthetic, suspended between the chemical impression of the film and the synthetic work of the live. They discover a language that, telling itself, tells the change of the perception of the reality and of the forms of the narrative.


curated by Leonardo Bigazzi and Camilla Toschi











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