May 12, 2011 19:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Jean Bacho began working with scrap metal in 2010, with the aim to realize a physical idea. He carries out the project The 7 Junk Gang, seven knights made of wreckage with the help of Francesco Alessandra.
“The pieces of junk are completely useless to the function they were intended, for what they have been conceived. At the time of their death, the artist intervenes with his renewal.”
Jean Bacho considers himself a true humanist, he is never in search of new, but he is extremely nostalgic to what the man has produced. The scraps are memories of childhood. They spark creative thinking, generate hypotheses about the future, stimulate the desire to pass on their history. By saving some of them from the destruction, Bacho pass on the history of industrialization, machinery and labor.
“Progress” is going to suffer a setback, the modern is represented by the forced cohabitation with the superfluous. The waste is the peak of the superfluous and it’s also a
big business.
Thus, in the absurd logic of art, Bach, in this creative process, fights the modern falling into its own contradictions. Finding an aesthetic also in the rejection, not only he adapts to the business and by making art, but he denies the concept of superfluous, hoping for a return to primitivism and a sense of the past which are our last chance of salvation.


Toscana Factory is the new Fabbrica Europa “trademark”. With this logo we want to open again Stazione Leopolda up to the “Made in Tuscany”, enhancing local artistic realities, with the aim to create a network among them, and to promote and support them.
Toscana Factory is a work platform and also an open laboratory where to develop artistic energies in an international context.










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