The Party Party

Chiharu Shinoda Solo Project

May 11, 2013 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

10 € with drink

at sale points
Boxoffice Toscana

The Party Party is the latest production of the “unnamable” series, started in 2013 by Chiharu Shinoda. This work consists of two combined parts, the “party” part and the “showing” part.
First we invite people to the “party”, then we make a story based on the events that happened during this “party”. The “showing” will re-create the “party” at its original place.
The “showing” event is played by only one performer. The performer connects the two timelines between the people that were here before and the people that are here now. We will re-use everything from the “party” – not only characters, words and episodes but also things that were left in the space, samples of recorded sounds, movies and/or images.
Only one performer will serve as a vessel for many different layers of time and space, for presence and representation. By doing so, we will make the audience experience a feeling that is similar to the magic moments during parties, when we´re “here” and “somewhere else” at the same time.


concept and direction: Chiharu Shinoda
dance performer: Rino Daidoji
guest performance, live, dj: Ghiaccioli e Branzini
ft. Alberto Becucci, Marco Barotti-Pneumatic Drums
supervision: Marco Dalmasso

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