The Seagull

Serbian National Theatre / Novi Sad

May 11, 2014 16:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Duration: 6h 30m
with three intermissions
In original language and
simultaneous translation into Italian
through headphones

full price 20€
reduced price 15€
students 10€

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based on the play by Anton Pavlovich Cechov
direction, set design, light design: Tomi Janežic


Theatre performances can be bad and good, sometimes exciting, but they rarely develop into something we could call a unique experience. (Bojan Munjin)

The play The Seagull is the result of a sixteen-month-long creative process, based on the cast and the participants’ own experiences. The interpretation of Cechov, i.e. the analysis of the text, occurred through practical work – the action in the space – during which different approaches to acting and psychodrama techniques were utilized.
The play thematizes the very creativity and tries to deal with issues not only at the level of content, but also in theatrical, modelling terms, using different theatrical means.

In addition to the content of the play – theatre, acting, writing, creativity, relationships between falling in love and creativity, mutual relations, mechanisms and patterns in relationships, tensions between the generations, the old to the new, the issues of recognition, expectations, desires – other themes crystallised during this process: themes that define each of the four acts. They also determined the choice of staging procedure, strategy and focus.

The first act of the play “spins” around the topic of theatre and art, the second is related to the topic of falling in love, fantasies and dreams. In the third act the themes that emerge are objects, possession of objects and people, treating the other as an object. And the fourth act deals with the issue of fate and/or coincidence and how decisions and events affect the lives of individuals. This led to the creation of the play, which could actually be four different plays, because the acts are complete wholes in terms of content, theme and staging.

Katja Legin
Born in 1972 in Ljubljana,Tomi Janežic gratuated in theatre directing and got an MA at the Ljubljana Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, where he teaches acting and practical directing. He received a six-year education in the field of psychodrama to gain the title of psychodrama psychoterapist. As a theatre director in the last ten years he has directed in national theatres and independent productions in most of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, and his performances tour across Europe. He has won several, mainly international, awards and recognitions and has been guest artist at the New European Theatre NET of Moscow, Theorem Meeting/Festival of Avignon, Forum Wiener Festwochen of Vienna, Residence and Reflection Project/Kunstenfestivaldesarts of Brussels, Knjizevni susreti Sarajevo – International Meeting of Playwrights and Theatre Artists (Bosnia Herzegovina), etc.
The Serbian National Theatre (Srpsko Narodno Pozorište) of Novi Sad is one one of the most important cultural institutions in Serbia. It mostly stages large, ambitious and challenging productions so as to promote and preserve the national and international theatrical and cultural heritage, and support the most valuable contemporary creative practice. The Serbian National Theatre is a member of the European Theater Convention.
cast: Jasna Ðuricic, Filip Ðuric, Dušan Jakišic, Milica Janevski, Deneš Debrei, Draginja Voganjac,
Ivana Vukovic, Boris Liješevic, Boris Isakovic, Dimitrije Dinic, Jovan Živanovic, Milica Trifunovic, Tijana Markovic Dušan Mamula
musicisti: Aleksandar Ružicic (flautes), Borislav Cicovacki (oboe)
dramaturgy: Katja Legin
costume design: Marina Sremac – assistant costume designer: Snežana Horvat
composer: Isidora Žebeljan – suono: Tomaž Grom
stage co-designer: Željko Piškoric – assistant directors: Dušan Mamula and Dimitrije Dinic
film director and editor: Tomi Janežic – collaborator in editing: Brane Klašnja
camera: Srdan Ðuric – sound: Uroš Stojnic – lighting technicians: Miroslav Ceman, Marko Radanovic
poster design: Tomi Janežic, Katja Legin, Srdan Ðuric – producer: Elizabeta Fabri
sound master: Dušan Jovanovic – music recording: Zoran Marinkovic

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