The urban body

Body, boundaries and new media in urban areas

May 14, 2010 17:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


meeting within the framework of the
Focus on Art and Science project in the Performing Arts
with the support of the European Commission’s Culture Program

Andrea Mi (CityMix) and Marco Brizzi (Florence Fast Forward / image)

Alessandro Carboni (artist / choreographer)
Pietro Gaglianò (visual arts curator)
Carlo Infante (Urban Experience)
Luca Lupi (artist)
Antonio Glessi (ISIA / GMM)
Giovanni Antignano / Selfish (artist)
Elisa Poli (architecture critic)

Starting from the Overlapping Discrete Boundaries project by Alessandro Carboni, this meeting / workshop intends to explore the new research paths that, starting from different disciplines (urban, live media, photography, multimedia, choreography) intersect in the development of new models for the reading of urban phenomenology.

Alessandro Carboni, in addition to introducing his Overlapping Discrete Boundaries project that will be presented on May 20 and 21 in Focus on Art and Science in the Performing Arts, will also showcase the work of documentation on 12 cities in Asia that is underway publication on the Abitare magazine.

Pietro Gaglianò, starting from the theoretical assumptions of the Think Tank project, will compare the artistic pursuit of Carboni with that of other artists who have chosen urban territory as a privileged area of ​​inquiry.

Carlo Infante will introduce the Urban Experience project that promotes a new field of cultural design, aimed at the interaction between the web and the territory, according to the search media of the performing media and the participatory urban planning.

Luca Lupi will talk about his photographic search A Changing China (presented as an exhibition at the SESV Gallery of the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture) devoted to the accelerated transformation of social costumes, the urban and cultural landscape of contemporary China.

Antonio Glessi will reflect on how media arts and new media technologies change our way of perceiving and reading urban territory.

Giovanni Antignano, aka Selfish, will present the project InharmoniCity, a collaboration with musicians from USO Project and developed as an experimental audiovisual interaction between the visual and sound dimensions of contemporary urban landscapes.









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