Tulipa Ruiz


May 13, 2018 20:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

reduced 10€
students 8€

in collaboration with A Buzz Supreme


Tulipa Ruiz presents her fourth album, TU (YOU), entirely recorded in New York. In an intimate dimension, Brazilian singer and composer collects unpublished songs of her repertoire, rearranging them with the collaboration of her brother Gustavo Ruiz and Stéphane San Juan.

TU, in capslock to accentuate the graphics of the word and then bring us into its meaning. TU are me and you. TU is us. TU is also two, me and Gustavo, my brother and musical partner. TU is an offer, a gift.

The idea of ​​the album was born after a tour we did together, voice and guitar, a format that I like to call “naked” because the songs are “undressed” becoming minimal. Playing them in this way brought us closer to the core of each piece and I wanted to record them like this: a guitar, a voice and a few percussion.
This is the concept of the album. Especially at a time when technology takes us away from the essence and the overdose of information overloads us, I wanted to make a more intimate and cozy record. In times of superficial relationships, this is an album that brings me closer to the bonfire ritual, to the look face-to-face, to my friends, old and new.

The concert is opened by Brazilian music producer, composer and singer Gui Amabis.


Tulipa Ruiz, born in Minas Gerais (Brazil), comes from a very musical family. Her brother, Gustavo Ruiz, had a musical background and her father, Luís Chagas, was a guitarist in a band that accompanied the musician Itamar Assumpção. In spite of the precocious presence of music in her life, Tulip lived it like a hobby. At the age of 22 she went to São Paulo to study Communication and Multimedia at PUC. It is only in 2008, after a concert with her brother and her father, that Tulipa begins to produce her music more seriously, with the help of her brother. The influences of her music range from Joni Mitchell to Brazilian popular music. In 2010 she recorded and edited her first album “Efêmera” for which she also made the design and the drawings, another passion very present in all of Tulipa’s albums. Her third album “Dancê” was very acclaimed and recognized throughout Brazilian music press and beyond. She won and was nominated for various awards, among which the Latin Grammy for “best pop album”; Best pop-rock album for Apple Music and 4th-best Latin album of the year for Rolling Stone.


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