Ultimi tacti

Compagnia Opus Ballet

July 6, 2017 19:00

Piazza Duomo in San Gimignano | IT

Free admission

Where can a “last touch” bring you? How far back in thought and memory can it bring you?
These two questions are at the heart of the new production of Gustavo Oliveira.
The choreography invites the audience and the dancers themselves to rediscover the intimacy and feelings that a touch between two people can evoke, working on the idea of ​​creating four duets in a daily, informal space. An emotional journey to awaken both happy and sad memories, but always linked to the past.
In creating this work, the choreographer chose to insist more on emotionality than on the plasticity of the body language, exploring together with the dancers the feelings that contact can generate not only from a physical point of view. Perfumes, attitudes, personality.
Oliveira intends to express a simple truth: our past is what makes us unique in the present, despite the feeling we decide to preserve or forget.


artistic direction: Rosanna Brocanello
choreography: Gustavo Oliveira
dancers: Boris Desplan, Camilla Bizzi, Chiara Mocci, Gianmarco Martini Zani, Gioia Martinelli, Jennifer Lavinia Rosati


[photo: Botticelli2017]













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