Unusual Party

Nôze / Celluloid Jam / Camillocromo Beat Band

May 17, 2014 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Unusual Party is a cooperation between Unusual Florence and Fabbrica Europa. An event with a very special line-up, the French duo Nôze and two interesting Tuscan music projects: Celluloid Jam, with their electro-mystical atmospheres, and Camillocromo Beat Band, a new project of electronic jazz/swing arising from the collaboration between Camillocromo and the dj/producer Ghiaccioli e Branzini and the vocalist Piero Gesué.

Between the mechanical throb of the nightclub and the laconic wooze of the bar exists a strange, smokefilled space where you will find Nico and Ezechiel, better known as Nôze. From their distinct backgrounds in DJing and classical training respectively, their meeting led them to fuse the rough physicality of the dancefloor with the accomplished musicality of jazz, and somehow they came out smelling of rotten roses. From their first appearances, Nôze went on to become one of the key acts on Nico’s Circus Company label, before progressing to the German powerhouse Get Physical. From this prominent platform, the Nôze of today surge ever outwards, feeding the wild accomplishments of their past into a staggering tapestry of sound that manages to diverge into reggae, soul and pop as much as their original influences. The brothers in charms and their tales of love and absurdity will just as likely confound you as give you what you want, but then that’s always the attraction.

Camillocromo Beat Band is a new electro-swing and vintage beat project that involves the Camillocromo orchestra, the dj and producer Ghiaccioli e Branzini and the jazz singer Piero Gesuè. The old style sound of the orchestra and the breathtaking lines of the voice blend with the grooves and the electronic atmospheres creating an explosive mixture.

Celluloid Jam project was born in Florence in 2012, including Caterina Vannucci (voc, percussions) and Jerro Sabaii (synth and samplers). Their work is based on a melting pot of different backrounds, like freak electronic music and electro-beat. CJ co-operate with visual artist David Hartono, who builds a dreamy-pop atmosphere, creating a new performance every time.

Unusual Florence was born as a connector of entrepreneurial experiences (shops, laboratories, concept stores, “cool places”) that have decided to focus on originality, craft and contemporaneity. An unusual and creative Florence that can be discovered through a paper map.

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