Vocazione all’asimmetria

Francesca Foscarini / Andrea Costanzo Martini

July 1, 2016 22:30

Teatro della Luna di Polverigi | IT

within Inteatro 2016


Emmanuel Lévinas says that, in the simple encounter with the Other, the essential, the absolute comes into play: the showing, the epiphany of the other is where I discover that my world is mine as long as I can share it with the Other. This tension, this impossibility to escape from the Other, which the Lithuanian philosopher calls “asymmetry”, lies at the origin and development of Francesca Foscarini’s new piece, Vocazione all’Asimmetria, created and performed with Andrea Costanzo Martini, a piece in the shape of a duet, which cautiously unfolds in an alternation of solos and moments together, of the time to show and the time to meet, of the discovery of what divides from each other and of the research of what unites and creates a possible Us.

The two dancers, while wishing to be with the Other, and at the same time in their act of resistance against being absorbed by the Other, while alternately being and not being there, of being for themselves and being for the Others, will take the audience into the active and participated vision of a continuous transformation of identities and roles that shows itself in the time of occurring that is the present time; through the gaze, the voice, the making and unmaking of dance, it will unveil, conceal, and reveal the otherness always sought after and always slipping away.


Francesca Foscarini. Independent choreographer and dancer, her personal career was marked by the encounter with quite important masters of the national and international dance scene such as Emio Greco/Accademia Mobile, Yasmeen Godder e Iris Erez, Carlotta Sagna, Nigel Charnock, Gitta Wigro, Robert Clark, Sharon Fridman, Elisabeth Lea, Rachel Prische.
She started her own professional experience with Aldes Roberto Castello (2000-2003). In 2009 she created her first choreography, Kalsh, finalist at the GD’A Veneto competition (Giovane danza d’autore – Regional prize for emerging choreographers). In 2012 she won the jury prize of the 17th edition of the Masdanza International Dance Festival – Canary Islands for her choreography Cantando sulle ossa (2011) as Best solo. In 2011, with Marco D’Agostin and Giorgia Nardin, she co-created Spic & Span, where the three artists perform together. This show was awarded with a Special mention at Premio Scenario 2011.
In 2013 she was the winner of the 2013 Equilibrio Award Rome for Performer: the jury, chaired by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, acknowledged her highly developed technique, great emotional sensibility, her strong stage presence and her ability in creating a unique and original embodiment referring to her performance in Grandmother, a pièce created in collaboration with Sara Wiktorowicz. Thanks to this award, she could choose an international choreographer to work with for creating a new solo: Francesca chose the Israeli Yasmeen Godder who creates with her Gut Gift.
In 2013 she created, together with the choreographers Marco D’Agostin and Giorgia Nardin, the cultural association Van. In 2014 as performer and choreographer she worked with Sara Wiktorowicz with whom created Once Upon a Time.
Andrea Costanzo Martini was born and raised in Italy where he received his first education in contemporary dance and ballet. At the age of 19 he moved to Munich where he attended the Heinz-Bosl Stiftung Ballet Akademien and in 2004 he began his professional carrier as a Ballet Dancer in the Aalto Staats Theater Essen. 
In 2006 he joined the Batsheva Ensemble and two years later moved to the main Company. During these years he performed extensively the repertoire of Ohad Naharin and Sharon Eyal and he began his activity as choreographer through the “dancer create” program of the Company. He later joined the Cullberg Ballet in Stockholm where he performed for two years repertoire of Benoit Lachambre, Alexander Ekman, Crystal Pite, Jefta Van Dinter and Tillman O’Donnel. He created a work for six men of the company, For men only, presented at the Moderna Dans Theater in Stockholm and participated in the solo program of Deborah Hay – This empty stage an ocean.
In 2012 he moved back to Israel where he joined the Inbal Pinto Dance company and started creating his own works. In 2013 he was awarded First Prize for both dance and choreography at the International Stuttgart Solo Competition for the solo work What Happened in Torino.
Since then he created (with the support of bodies like Pavillon Noir Aix-en-Provence, Tanzhaus Zürich, Lublin Centrum Kultury, Suzan Dallal Center Tel Aviv, NOD Turin, Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, Hateiva Theater and Teatro Piemonte Europa) the works Tropical, Voglio Voglia, Filthy Guilty aaaaAAAAHHHH and TROP. The repertoire toured extensively Europe since 2014. In october 2015 the work What Happened in Torino is awarded the audience prize at the Mas Danza Festival in Gran Canaria, Spain.
project by Francesca Foscarini
created and performed by Francesca Foscarini and Andrea Costanzo Martini
light design and technical care: Luca Serafini
original music: Andrea Cera
research advisor: Chiara Bortoli
promotion and communication: Cristina Perez Sosa
production: VAN Associazione Culturale
coproducers: 3 Bis F Lieu d’Arts Contemporains Aix En Provance (France), Centro per la Scena Contemporanea di Bassano del Grappa (Italy), Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, La Briqueterie (France), Les Brigittines (Belgium), MASDANZA The International Contemporary Dance Festival of the Canary Islands & Sala Insular de Teatro-Cabildo de Gran Canaria (Spain), Uovo e Next Laboratorio per la produzione e la distribuzione dello spettacolo dal vivo lombardo – Edizione 2015 (Italy), Tanzhaus Zürich (Switzerland), TripSpace Projects London (United Kingdom)
with the support of Istituto Italiano di Cultura Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura London (UK), Yasmeen Godder Studio Jaffa Tel-Aviv, MiBACT – Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali



[photo: Ilaria Costanzo]






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