Workshop Almar’à

September 21, 2022 18:00

Lumen Firenze | IT


Festival au Désert

A workshop in which the Tunisian musician Ziad Trabelsi, voice and oud of the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio, together with some members of the project Almar’à – the orchestra of Arab and Mediterranean women, introduce the participants to a scenario made up of traditional songs to tell the experience started in 2017 between Florence and Rome and to understand the functioning of a heterogeneous group that involves musicians of different traditions and origins.


The workshop lasts 2 hours and is open to all who are interested.
Fee: 5€
To register write to:


Festival au Désert Firenze is one of the events of Estate Fiorentina 2022.


[photo: Monia Pavoni]











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