Yingmei Duan | Luigi Coppola


May 9, 2009 22:30

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Me & Ghost is a performance focusing attention on the crisis in European culture and on the schematisms in the construction of new social models. Based on the consolidated culture of the Old Continent, a continuous, it is a presumptuous attempt to define new scenarios in social relations.
The Ghost, impersonated by Yingmei Duan, is the indefinite that advances, embodied by cultures we feel are close upon us and yet are not wholly identifiable. This ghost is what forces us to make a move and to seek desperately new models of social order, an order that Luigi Coppola himself will try to reconstruct during the performance with the aid of the audience present.


Yingmei Duan, born in 1969 in China, is a performer and creator of installations and videos. She belongs to the Chinese avant-garde, active in the Nineties in the East Village of Beijing. In ’95 she took part in the historical performance To add one meter to an anonymous mountain. In order to develop her artistic experience she moved to Germany in ’98. In 2006 she finished a specialisation Master at the Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste of Braunschweig under Marina Abramovic, Birgit Hein and Christoph Schlingensief. Since 1993 she has taken part in many festivals, exhibitions and workshops, among which the Braziers International Artists Workshop in England and the 1st Performance festival of Salzau 2005. She is part of the IPG (Independent Performance Group) directed by Marina Abramovic, with which she has performed in many international contexts such as the PAC of Milan (2003), the Van Gogh Museum of Amsterdam (2005) and the Venice Biennale (2007). Her performances, as well as her installations and videos, focus on aspects of daily life, memories, fears and dreams.
Luigi Coppola, Italian performer and director of physical theatrical, has scientific training in engineering and artistic training in the performing arts and multimedia. He has directed the Blusuolo group and is at present head of the research group on the performing arts LOSS – Laboratorio operativo sistemi sensibili, with whom he has produced theatrical pièces, performances and videos that have appeared in numerous festivals and reviews, among others the San Francisco International Arts Festival, Wunder der Prärie (Mannheim), Unidram Festival (Potsdam) and the Athens Biennial of Young Artists. He has also been artist in residence at various international institutions such as Hweilan International Artists Residence of Taiwan, Taipei Artists Village of Taipei, PAF (Performing Arts Forum of Saint Erme in France, CESTA Cultural Exchange Station of Tábor (Czech Republic).













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