YoY Performing Arts


June 10, 2023

Rassegna Quasi Solo Milano | IT

INESORABILMENTEUNAVIA, inspired by the Bizhan Bassiri’s video installation “Il Bisonte”, is the representation of the undisciplined inexorable path of nature that regenerates itself without ever ceasing its course. Everything seems to stop in front of the appearance of the artwork: an apparition of a cosmic dimension that conquers the space creating a powerful energy charge.

The form turns itself in pure energy, there is no beginning and there is no end. A journey that capture the eye, in search of continuous associations and symbols that alternate, repeat and move within a closed and hypnotic cycle. An inexorable loop, made up of changes of speed and spatial designs, brings to the scene different perspectives that interact with each other searching an inner energy that leads to harmony.

The choreography proposes a path, placing itself as a decisive negation of the explosive and muscular expression of energy, often labile and passing, which does not represent true strength but only imbalance. In the performance, the loop of the movement becomes almost liturgical, tending towards the achievement of a spirituality that draws its inspiration from the idea of ​​life force typical of the  oriental philosophies. INESORABLMENTEUNAVIA is a sort of exhortation to search for new balances.

The musical intervention has been realized with an aerophone, percussion, concrete sounds and the use of a granular synthesizer. These elements create a series of overlapping musical characters, a breath, a line that breaks down into polyphony and percussive elements on different rhythmical levels.


YoY Performing Arts is a cultural organism where different experiences, professionalism and souls coexist but with only one goal: to share ideas. Passion for dance, music and contemporary art are the elements that led to the formation of this group that works with a multidisciplinary approach. Since 2021YoY’s creations have been staged in different contexts including Fabbrica Europa, Festival, Nutida, Face Off, Fuori Formato Festival, Effetto 48, Meccaniche della Meraviglia, RAAA Festival. In 2022 the “Dialogues with Art” project has been selected to participate in the cultural enhancement project of the Royal Palace of Caserta. YoY Performing Arts is one of the four companies selected by Anghiari Dance Hub 2022.


concept: YoY Performing Arts
choreography and performance: Emma Zani and Roberto Doveri
music: Stefano Taglietti and Timoteo Carbone
work: Bizhan Bassiri
costumes: HACHE Official
light design: Elisabetta Maniga
production: Anghiari Dance Hub
co-production: Fabbrica Europa
in collaboration with Meccaniche della Meraviglia











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