Il Corso della musica

Discovering contemporary sound paths along the course of the Arno

curated by Francesco Dillon, Simone Graziano, Luisa Santacesaria
design and concept: Maurizio Busia, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa


Il Corso della Musica (The Music Course) is not a music course, but the opportunity to look out over the endless and wonderful mare magnum that music represents, thanks to points of orientation outlined by musicians, curators and experts. With the ambitious desire to offer an overview of current music – from electronic to contemporary, from jazz to independent alternative music – regardless of the boundaries between genres and with an informal approach designed for curious listeners, experts and young people.
The project was born with the aim of bringing together, in one of the most fascinating scenarios of Florence (the bank of the Arno river in the Parco delle Cascine area), a pianist, a cellist or even a singer and, starting from their music, to work towards an approach to heterogeneous sound universes from new and changing perspectives. The goal of the project is to discover, in the open space of the park, the stories, the sounds, the anecdotes about the birth of some songs and the reasons behind certain compositional choices, “pausing” the flows of music as if they were snapshots of sounds and words.
Everything will be recorded and filmed with the aim of creating quality audio and video productions that will be used both for broadcasting on television and web channels and as “audio-paths” that can be available in podcasts, perhaps just for those who want to jog, walk or cross the Parco delle Cascine by bicycle but with a different gaze and sensitivity to the listening.



September 14 | Cascine Park, Florence h 18:00
Luisa Santacesaria: Music without instruments: short gymnastics course for the ear

with the participation of Chiara Saccone

September 21 | Cascine Park, Florence h 18:00
Simone Graziano, piano: From Debussy to Billie Eilish

September 28 | Cascine Park, Florence h 18:00
Francesco Dillon, cello: That torrent called Bach


Training activity

September 10 | Villa Favard, Florence h 11:00
Trilok Gurtu: masterclass in percussion
in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Florence

September 24 | Institut français Firenze, Florence  h 18:00
Michel Godard and Nataša Mirković: presentation of the CD “Risplendenti, Riversi”
with Manon Hansemann, director of Institut français Firenze; Paolo Zampini, director of Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini
and Maurizio Agamennone, ethnomusicologist, University of Florence
in collaboration with Conservatorio di Musica Luigi Cherubini, Florence and Institut français Firenze













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