Orizzonti Verticali 2021

9th edition
August 20 – 22
San Gimignano

The 9th edition of Orizzonti Verticali proposes in San Gimignano the evolution of the project born last year on the occasion of the emergency situation we find ourselves in due to Covid 19. In the last edition the format of the Festival had been transformed into a single performance lasting three days where the proposed shows merged into a single thought, in defense of our culture, our theatrical heritage and all the performing arts.

Also for 2021 we want to continue along this line with days to live immersively, without interruption, aware of being part of an important and delicate “moment” of our artistic and social present, where even looking and listening become necessary and precious to fuel that cultural curiosity which must not run the risk of suffocating in the face of imminent epochal change. Look at new horizons without forgetting the roots, aware that the future is also built through memory.

For this reason Orizzonti Verticali 2021 offers spectators a journey into the “closed gardens” (hortus conclusus) of the city, where performances and shows materialize through a multiplicity of artistic languages.

Full programme www.giardinochiuso.com

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