Site-specific video installation

How “Chinese” is contemporary Chinese dance? And to which extent it is “really” contemporary? But who’s in charge of assigning the license of “contemporariness”, or establishing the degree of “Chineseness”, in an artwork?

In line with the general concept of FOCUS CHINA, this installation, curated by Fabrizio Massini, provides a broad overview covering a period of 20 years, to shatter the idea of a monolithic, standardized, uniform Chinese dance.
Like a fan, or a mosaic, the installation displays the plurality and diversity of a research still widely unknown to the Italian and European public. Overcoming the simple function of showcase, the installation unfolds in the space and occupies different spaces inside the PARC, accompanying the audience on their way from one performance space to the next.


Complete list of videos

Willy Tsao – 365 Ways of Doing and Undoing Orientalism (1999) 3’05”
Helen Lai – Plaza X (2002) 1’30”
Sang Jijia – As If to Nothing (2007) 2’04”
Willy Tsao – In Search of Grand View Garden (first performed in L.A. outdoor in 2006, recorded in BJ outdoor in 2017) 3’15”
Er Gao – This is a chicken coop (2016)
Wen Hui – Dancing with third grandmother (2015)
Paper Tiger – 500m, Kafka, Great Wall, images from the unreal world and daily heroism (2017) 10’31”
Hu Qingzhe – Seeking 3’51”
Hu Qingzhe, Xi Linfu – Awaking 1’45”
War and Peace – Chen Yuting, Chen Chuwen – 1’46”
Off the Track – Zhou Liheng, Wang Zhenbing – 4’02”
Looking for Fate – Meng Meng, Hu Shenyuan – 3’11”
Unlimit – Guan Hangyu, Wang Yabin – 2’21”















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