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Slittamenti is a week-long Masterclass conceived and conducted by Cristina Caprioli, Italian choreographer and Sweden residing scholar, with the curatorial participation of Pietro Gaglianò, art critic and expert in body politics.
Four artists active in the field of dance and choreography are invited to present a solo. Works still in progress are admitted, provided they are already clear in terms of intention, concept and form, with a specific “body” placed in relation to a specific context. In other words, works already formulated but not fixed, inclined to take on new forms and formats with the participation of eight other dancers/performers and the contribution of four visual artists.
The project intends choreography as the continuous slipping through of language, ready to deviate from its own discipline, navigate foreign spaces, and leave its territory to inhabit multiplicity.

The masterclass is free and open to four choreographers, eight dancers/performers, four visual artists.

The activities will take place from Sunday 27th September to Saturday 3rd October 2020 at the PARC Performing Arts Research Centre in Florence.
A public presentation of the projects in their open form will be held on October 3 at PARC.

The eight performers and four choreographers will work on the four solos which will be shared and discussed and subsequently guided along a series of alterations (condition, material, discursiveness, language, technique etc.). Method, material and content will be repeatedly remodelled in relation to the new context, sometimes moving away from the original, or returning with renewed vigour to the first core of interest. In the end the original work will be transformed into two, three, four solos, changing not only body and language, but also characteristics, prerogatives and modalities. Opening up to unexpected potential.

The four artists and/or theorists from areas other than dance (visual arts, architecture, writing, music, etc.) will take part in four masterclass sessions (lasting 4 hours each) in which together with the choreographers and performers they will discuss different and dissonant interpretations of the concepts of body and space, of movement, of artistic creation. The goal of these incursions is to open the practice of dance to discursive comparisons and to contamination with other approaches to the themes and issues that concern it. The contributions elaborated within these sessions will converge in the final presentation in various formats, including an open and interdisciplinary concept of choreography.

Recipients of the project
The masterclass is aimed at:
• 4 choreographers
• 8 dancers/performers
• 4 artists and/or theorists from areas other than dance (visual arts, architecture, writing, music, etc.)

from Sunday, September 27 to Saturday, October 3: 10am > 6pm
Final presentation and public meeting: Saturday, October 3 (6 pm – PARC)

Visual /theoretical artists
Monday, September 28: 2pm > 6pm
Wednesday, September 30: 2pm > 6pm
Friday, October 2: 2pm > 6pm
Final presentation and public meeting: Saturday, October 3 (6pm – PARC)

PARC Performing Arts Research Centre, piazzale delle Cascine 4/5/7 – Florence

free, on selection


Cristina Caprioli, born and raised in Italy, after a dance career in Germany and the United States, is now resident in Stockholm since 1983, where in the 90s she founded CCAP, still the basis of all her work. Cristina dedicates herself to choreography in various forms and various formats, such as shows, installations, exhibitions, films, festivals and publications. Each work is a long-term research, which goes hand in hand with “community projects”, national and international tournées, and pedagogical activities. Cristina is Professor of Choreography and has received many scholarships and various awards.
Pietro Gaglianò, art critic and curator, researches into the relationship between the aesthetics of power and the counter-narrations acted by art, opting for urban and social contexts with a particular focus on the theoretical systems of performance. In his books and exhibitions, experimentation with hybrid formats between art and social sciences is central to cultivate the political perception of public space and the community. He teaches in Italian and US institutions and is active in international projects and networks that experiment with non-formal art and pedagogy practices for education against discrimination.



















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