Workshop by Brandon Lagaert

When : September 25-26-27-28, 2023 (+ viewing of the show on September 24)
Where : Florence, NBDT (Via Claudio Monteverdi 3A)
Application deadline : extended to September 23, 2023
Who it is for : performers and dancers
How to apply : by writng to
Cost : €50 which include admission to 5 shows of the 2023 Fabbrica Europa Festival and further activities from September 1 to December 31, 2023

For this workshop Brandon Lagaert, along with his collaborators Sara Angelucci and Alessandro Ottaviani, takes inspiration from his new creation for Equilibrio Dinamico Dance Company, Welcome to my funeral, which will be presented at Fabbrica Europa 2023 and focuses on the increasingly blurred boundaries between the real and virtual worlds. 

Dependence on technology has completely changed the way we interact with others and the world around us while the virtual world is becoming more and more realistic thanks to haptic feedback, artificial intelligence, and algorithms that acquire information from people through their input.

Brandon Lagaert created his artistic style working for the internationally renowned dance-theatre company Peeping Tom as a multidisciplinary performer combining elements from different disciplines such as urban and contemporary dance, theatre and film into a unique style.  As a director, he often starts from the perspective of a performer to lay a certain foundation before tackling the overall structure. Alongside Peeping Tom and with Kaiho – the company he founded to develop his work as a choreographer – he started a research that investigates the boundaries between dance and theatre, aesthetics and storytelling, movement and text, urban and contemporary, body and objects.

This activity is part of Oltre le mura / Beyond the walls, a project by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa supported by

The workshop Connessioni is an activity supported by Fondazione CR Firenze – Bando Partecipazione Culturale 2023

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