Andrea Fagarazzi & I-Chen Zuffellato


May 15, 2009 - May 16, 2009 21:30

Officina Giovani Prato | IT


within MOVING_movimento 2009


A new project by Fagarazzi & Zuffellato based on the active collaboration between the audience and the performers, a mimetic action that acts right on the edge that traditionally divides the observer from the observed, the active from the passive.
Enimirc is addressed to a public available for a sensorial experience.
The guests will be masked but will be able to see only shadows, to hear sounds without distinguishing their origin. They will be invited and accompanied with precise indications to perform short actions, in a relationship of trust where they will be assisted with care and attention.
Each guest will cover a specific role within a link of events where nobody see nobody and no one can witness.


Andrea Fagarazzi & I-Chen Zuffellato are collaborating since 2005. In their projects they explore the bodily concepts, constantly investigating the diversities in relation to the identity and its alterity, They question the act of performing, its forms and its relation to the public. Their last work Io Lusso has been co-produced by Dimora Fragile – Festival Es.Terni 08 and it has received the 3rd Prize at EXTRA – segnali dalla nuova scena italiana 2007/ ’08, “for having dealt with seductions and contraddictions of the society of image sabotaging the codes through the language of the body”. Their productions have been presented at Es.terni Festival 08, Contemporanea/Colline/Festival 08, Inequilibrio.08 Armunia Festival, l’Animal a l’Esquena (Spain), Centro Coreografico la Gomera (Spain), Primavera Teatri 08, Festival Lavori in Pelle 07. Fagarazzi and Zuffellato have also curated all the promotional images for 2007/08 Bassano Opera Estate Festival .


concept, creation: Andrea Fagarazzi & I-Chen Zuffellato
lights and video: Aqua-micans Group
production: Fagarazzi & Zuffellato











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