Aomori Aomori

Sioned Huws

July 31, 2014 - August 1, 2014 19:30

Chapter Cardiff | UK

Aomori is a place, climate is emotive, the body is alive, souls blossom

The body becomes space and space is transformed into body; in repetition the movement assumes a sensibility of an internal landscape, reflecting the soul of Aomori, the silent repetition of snowfall.
A focus of detail a Tsugaru ‘hand dance’, from vertical to horizontal a choreographic process of translation and understanding, a gesture in repetition, a juxtaposition of organized systems, balanced on a fine line between order and chaos, being and nothingness, a transitional simplicity.
Listening to those little things that move us from the inside, everyday making small discoveries, in the studio.
Our pragmatic approach is to elucidate the livingness of every mo(ve)ment of dance through our commitment to an on going working process; drawing on memory and the influence of enviroment, the everyday, in a dance piece mutually shared with dance, song and sounds arising from
arctic winters of North Japan.
Framing a work of emotive containment, where movement, voice, sound and silence become

Aomori Project is an ongoing performance project since 2008. Since this time it has existed in various forms, developing with a wide range of artists and performers. Each year a new narrative is formally composed and made adaptable to diverse casts, contexts and locations, prompted through workshops. A performance that is flexible and adaptable to local reality, continually evolving and remaining sensitive to the particularities of a place.


concept and choreography: Sioned Huws
co-choreographed and performed with Reina Kimura, Agnese Lanza, Elena Jacinta, Taz Burns
TsugaruTeodori dancer and choreographer: Yoshiya Ishikawa
Tsugaru Shamisen, Hasegawa Sangen-kai: Yuji Hasegawa
principal performer, Hasegawa Sangen-kai: Yuso Hasegawa
Tsugaru Minyo singer: Kiyoko Goto
production: Dance4 and Sioned Huws
co-production: Theatr Harlech, ARTizan, Fabbrica Europa / Orizzonti Verticali Festival
with the support of Aterteater, Chapter, Galeri Caernarfon, Wrexham Gallery, AIR-Rikuzentakata, Joshibi University of Art & Design, Aomori Contemporary Arts Centre
and Japan Foundation, Arts Council of Wales, Welsh Government, Wales Arts International and National Lottery
[photo: Antonio Viscido]

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