Granular Synthesis

May 6, 2010 23:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


AREAL is a laboratory, featuring cinemascope screen projection, surround sound and substantial sub-bass.
AREAL was originally a improvisational show, a surround environment featuring a multi screen projection, a spatial sound set-up and substantial sub-bass. Since its first version in 1997 it hosts almost totally different shows rather than one composition in updated versions.
AREAL has been featuring various audiovisual material, both figurative and abstract.
In its first version AREAL was based on GRANULAR SYNTHESIS experiences with X-tended Thrill, a collaboration with Sensorband at the ICC, Tokyo in 1997 and led to AREAL A at the Steirischer Herbst Festival in 1997 and to AREAL-V at the Vergessen Festival (both in Austria). At this time AREAL was featuring images and sounds of a human torso instead of a human head, material which was originally recorded and edited for another collaborative project called We want God Now.
In the later versions, the images were transformed in various zoom and focus/ un- focus states, creating a more abstract and dynamic setting. The set-up included multiple stroboscopes to enhance the flicker quality of the video.


Granular Synthesis are audiovisual media artists, that strive to fuse video and sound into one medium where video is sound and vice versa. As an important part of this undertaking they develop real time video software and customized computer configurations, enabling them play video as a musical instrument. With their often symphonic performances and space within space installations GRANULAR SYNTHESIS create electronic emotion machines, that surround, immerse their audience, overwhelm the human sensory apparatus by massive use of subsonic and penetrating light frequencies, what literally touch the visitors.
They have been working together as GRANULAR SYNTHESIS since 1991.









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