Shamanist tradition / Electronic rituality

May 8, 2010 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Gendos Chamzyryn / K-SPACE live – Into the black sky
Mongolia Sound Banking Prize – Live set by the competition winner
Leon P – Dj set (dub step), Loan live set
Crystal Distortion live set


Fabbrica Europa devotes an evening of music to the encounter between the voices and rhythms of the Shamanist tradition and the new rituality of electronic music.

Opening the evening, the live concert of the K-Space trio (Tuva – Scotland – England): a group arising from the meeting between the English-Scottish tradition of experimentation and improvisation and Siberian Shamanist traditions.
K-Space is the result of many years of in-depth spiritual, artistic and musical research in different regions of southern Siberia, and of the work and collaboration involving the musical traditions of Japan, the Canadian Inuit, and Tibetan monks.

Gendos Chamzyryn is a charismatic performer and teacher of music and traditional culture in Tuva (southern Siberia), an expert player of a number of traditional musical instruments and a great interpreter and innovator of harmonic singing techniques, including the deep throat singing called “Kargiraa”. As well as being a master in the traditional Tuvan arts of stone and wood carving, Gendos continues every now and then to act within his community as Shaman and as a real singer of healing.

Tim Hodgkinson, a representative of the radical English scene since the Sixties, is a composer and musician specialising in reed and keyboard instruments. In 1968, with Fred Frith, he founded the cult band Henry Cow. A person of many talents, he brings together contemporary experimentation and anthropological research.

Z’EV, percussionist, sound artist and scholar of ethnomusicology, is one of the founders of the so-called Industrial Music/Art Movement and has influenced bands such as Einsturzende Neubauten and Foetus. In the Seventies he started work on the subtleties of acoustic phenomena, developing a vast range of concussion and percussion instruments which formed the basis of his work as a soloist.
His work shows the influence of the Kabbalah and of Indian, Balinese and African music. In 2006, together with Ken Hyder, he became part of the Real Time group to explore the rhythms of Shamanist music.

In the second part of the evening the Sound Banking Project is to be presented to the public.
This project is the outcome of two years’ work; the last edition of Fabbrica Europa presented materials from the Mongolia Expedisound, produced by the French label IOT Records; during the event of May 7 2009 the label made available to the musicians and producers the sound samples used in the production of the compilation.
By taking part in the project, musicians and producers can present their works to compete for the Mongolia Sound Banking Prize. The winner, chosen by a commission made up of Mrik (IOT Records), Fernado Fanutti and Giuseppe Vigna (Musicus Concentus – next tech festival), Lorenzo Pallini (Fabbrica Europa), Davide Agazzi (Switch – c.s.n. and critic of the Corriere di Firenze), will be on stage at Fabbrica Europa to present their live set.

The evening continues with Leon P‘s dj set. Little more than twenty years old, Leon P has been playing regularly in London, Berlin and in Eastern Europe, exporting the best dubstep made in Italy. With his crew (the Numa), he was among the first to offer this sound in the underground of ex-mud. Today thanks to Numa crew, the productions of “Elastica” and the new “Erba” label, Florence is in the front line on the European scene. In his set on the Fabbrica Europa stage, Leon P will also use the IOT Sound Bank.

Later the live set by Loan (IOT records). Active in the French underground electronic scene, in the last ten years she travelled worldwide with her tribe dubstep & grime sound.
After having gained the respect of the whole free techno community she moved to West Africa where she collaborates, records and produces music with the local hip hop and raggae scene working with Da Brains, Naby Conde, Noni None Black G bou Raksquak. In 2006 Loan meets IOT Records team and subsequently works to the production of Mongolia Expedisound dvd album.

The evening is completed by Crystal Distortion‘s dj set. Born in London, he saw fit to re-align virtuous components of modern dance e.g. the rhythms of hip hop, breaks, techno etc, with neo- apocalyptic visions as portrayed in such cult milestones as Akira, 2000 AD, Tetsuo and Matrix. The result is a form of musical expression treading on the tightrope between sonic excess and universal love. The year 2000 saw a debut appearance at France’s largest electronic music events and a first step into chain store distribution with new partner Expressillon. He’s now delivering his kick-ass, genre busting and jaw droopingly unique brand of techno and break beat to audiences across Europe, both at free events and major festivals or techno clubs, like Nuits Sonores, Sunexplosion, Astropolis, Dour, Electromind. The Triptyque, The Livello, The Electrowerkz,The Mass, The Love Parade and more than 15 countries visited.


organised by Fabbrica Europa and Switch – creative social network
in collaboration with IOT Records
Project winner of the Call “Emergenze Creative” 2010
promoted by the Department for Youth Politics of the Municipality of Florence
The event is part of the programme of the Notte Blu.








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