Due lupi

Luisa Pasello | Silvia Pasello | Virgilio Sieni

May 17, 2011 - May 21, 2011 21:00

CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta di Firenze | IT


A handful of actions lost in the universe of fables inspired by Agota Kristof’s novel The Notebook, the first of the K Town Trilogy.

In this tale immersed in nature and war, extreme tests and loneliness, the body is shown as an archipelago of the senses, to be whispered to and moved by a choral voice.

Two children are taken to their grandmother’s house beside a stream beyond the forest. No-one can leave; the front is close by and mined. They sleep in the kitchen on wooden planks and they learn to survive by observing each other.

The two children pass through the war years with the magic of fearsome effort, every day undertaking a test beyond their strength. They put together a series of extreme exercises with small, marginal things. Their body is moulded in relation to the threat that turns the opposite into reality. Their hunger becomes a fast as a test, their self-restraint creates a precious heap of privations.

Only with time do we read in their body, in the obstinate woof of millimetred gestures, in marking the territory between the village and the forest, the numberless looks and shifts that open the way to the wilderness.

Virgilio Sieni


direction, choreography and space: Virgilio Sieni
with Luisa Pasello and Silvia Pasello
choreographies assistant: Chelo Zoppi
scenery realisation: Leonardo Bonechi and Lorenzo Pazzagli
costumes: Laura Dondoli
lighting and sound: Giovanni Berti
sound elaboration: Matteo Ciardi
set up: Stefano Franzoni
photos: Francesca Fravolini
technical direction: Sergio Zagaglia
organisation and production: Angela Colucci
administration: Manuela Pennini, Gabriella Taddei
thanks to: Atelier delle Arti, Alessandra Natella
production: Fondazione Pontedera Teatro
in collaboration with: CANGO Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence









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