Showcase of young danceauthors

May 18, 2013 21:00

Teatro Cantiere Florida di Firenze | IT

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Claudio Malangone / Borderline danza

concept, choreography, direction: Claudio Malangone
authors/interpreters: Vincenzo Capasso, Claudio Malangone
music: Dario Casillo, J.S. Bach
videos: Ugo Petillo
light design: Francesco Ferrigno
texts: Federica Bruno, Cesare d’Arco, Marco Di Gregorio, Cristina Mazzaccaro
production: Borderline Danza 2012
with the support of MIBAC, the Campania Region

In an undefined space-time two dancers travel in an unstable balance between luminosity and its contrary, movement and stillness, sound and silence, presence and absence.
Two dancers in unison, not merely synchronous, but able to weave infinite variations on the same movement, to break and retrieve symmetries continuously, one appearing with his double, one losing himself in the other between competition and sensuality.



by Collettivo David&theDreamers
with Elita Cannata, Veronica Cornacchini, Marta Capaccioli
visual arts: David Hartono
music: Francis Ciborio

Multi.implications is a multi-media study on identity, a preliminary investigation on our own image, an observation of ourselves from outside in a kaleidoscopic maze of mirrors suggesting who we are and who we should be or would like to be.
A crowded universe of identities identical to and different from themselves.
A journey setting out from an unsubstantiated certainty of the identity from which we find ourselves suspended, to which we cling.
Are we really like the picture we have of ourselves? And like the pictures others have of us?
How far away is reality? Do we really know who we are? Are we afraid of knowing?
Multi.implications is a piece of research that starts out from the most intimate sphere to reach a more social dimension; we query whether we effectively live in a society that needs to recognize us in a specific form and wording.


Silvia Mai
RAKU (18 mins)

by and with Silvia Mai
voice: Chiara Orefice
light design: Enrico Fabris
winner of the Premio GD’A Veneto 2012
with the support of the Teatro Fondamenta Nuove, Venice

At each moment in the dance I perceive an exact place, a special spot from which to observe and listen to what is happening; the act of “receiving” is fundamental: providing space for change. In this work, my intention is to plumb reflection on space, the physical place that embraces the dance, and the space that moves the dance, as well as focusing attention on the sound dimension: each place is also a sound landscape within which the action unfolds and each gesture produces the sound that sustains it, audible or non-audible; it is present, the inner quality of substance. Every variable, object, light, sound becomes part of the dance, informing and re-forming. In the shift of relationships the perception and quality of the action changes.


Eleonora Chiocchini
FRAGILEFRANA (Excerpts) (20 mins)

project: Eleonora Chiocchini
with Eleonora Chiocchini, Daria Menichetti, Chiara Michelini
lights: Andrea Margarolo
music consulting: Luciano Zampar
scenes: Lucia Ortiz Oshiro, Mario Sirchio
costumes: Franca Di Lorenzo, Rita Petrone
video: GDeSIGN di Gilles Dubroca
co-production Sosta Palmizi, Fondazione Fabbrica Europa, E45 Napoli Fringe Festival, with the support of Comune di Arezzo, Associazione Dance Gallery, Teatro San Materno di Ascona
winning project of the E45 Napoli Fringe Festival verso il 2013 and the call Created in Umbria

Fragilefrana stages remnant tales of an unwritten novel. A visual narration takes place in a non-linear space-time where characters undergo a process of crumbling and upheaval. They appear, disappear, weave invisible relationships, leave trails, echo one another and outline a world holding on to the ground which probably only exists when we close our eyes. The focus is on the possibility of life between the cracks. This crumbled existence takes the shape of broken, cracked bodies whose characters get their strength from their fragility. These bodies slide down under an external influence. They are now debris, they are the mounds and the deposits still connected to their niche. Try not to put everything back where it belonged. Try not to rebuild what was there before. Let yourself slide down. Close your eyes in the hubbub of the crowd and stop to think about what you’re going through.

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