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May 15, 2011 18:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


European Joysticks Orchestras is music pedagogical project, supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union, that brings together three important structures for new music technologies in Europe: Puce Muse in Rungis (France), Musiques et Recherches in Ohain (Belgium) and Tempo Reale in Florence.
The project aims to favor the awareness of digital music and develops through the creation of original works played by “orchestras” of children using a new interactive electronic devices, the Méta-Mallette: an electronic instrument which allows to play digital music and images in a collective way using simple interfaces like joysticks or gamepads.
In this Italian stage the children who have been involved in the project will use the Méta-Mallette to build a work, Viaggio al centro della terra, inspired by the four elements: air, earth, water and fire.
The orchestra involves around 100 children in four sections: the instrumentalists who play small objects (graters, plastic bottles), the launchers who start sounds coming from electronic processing, the live ‘electronicers’ who capture the sound and transform it in real time, and the images manipulators who transform the images.


A project by Puce Muse (France), Musiques et Recherches (Belgium) and Tempo Reale (Italy)
In collaboration with Institut Français de Florence and Fabbrica Europa
Music performance with the children of Scuola-Città Pestalozzi (Florence) and Scuola Primaria Tozzi (Siena)
Workshop teachers: Tommaso Dini, Stefano Luca
Sound direction: Tommaso Dini
Sound technician: Francesco Casciano
Project supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union









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