Kind of Blue

Associazione Culturale Dello Scompiglio

May 16, 2014 18:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT

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May 17, 2014 18:00
May 18, 2014 18:00


In the video Kind of Blue the director, Cecilia Bertoni, creates portraits exploring her fellow performers as people without a role, just as themselves. In a circular narrative structure, five stories follow one another, linked by an intimacy that manifests itself through the environments, objects and the everyday clothes of these same performers. The director explores their physical and mental obsessions and their relationship to the creative act.
The bathrooms of their own homes, of a hotel or a dilapidated building, become the places in which their secrets, their follies and their disappointments become explicit, while a kitchen becomes the nerve centre of the creation, but also the prelude and the epilogue of an endless wait. A voice offstage, like an absent observer of the action, tells its own stories which are only seemingly arbitrary.


Within the Cultural Association, instituted in 2006, Scompiglio bring together the experience of a group of artists who have been working for years in Great Britain, Switzerland, Holland, and Italy, creating the company’s shows and performances. The common characteristic of all these performances is the lack of a written theatre script as their starting point: on the contrary, they are all the result of the combined work of the ensemble. The contributions made by the various participants interact and contrast with each other from different points of view – everyday life, dreams, life and death – and in the widest range of art forms, including action, movement, music, and video.
by Cecilia Bertoni
sounds and music: Carl G. Beukman
texts: Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier and Mauro Carulli
assistant director: Alice Mollica
camera: Mauro Carulli, BAM
IPOD camera: Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier, Claire Guerrier, Mees
editing: Mauro Carulli, Cecilia Bertoni
technician: Paolo Morelli
three women in the kitchen: Cecilia Bertoni, Claire Guerrier, Mees
three crumpled men: Marco di Campli San Vito, Piero Leccese, Luigi Petrolini
two women: Marialucia Carones, Serena Gatti
lui e lei (him & her): Cecilia Bertoni, Serge Cartellier
un uomo solo (a man alone): Carl G. Beukman
narrator: David Geysen
Duration: 50m

Ticket 10€
Reservation required
Tel. 055 2638480

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