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Yes Sir! is the second episode of the project The Hungry March Show (2007-2009), a trilogy about decadence that develops three different performances within three years: Between a carrot and I (2007), Yes sir! (2008), Touch me shark (2009).

The project The Hungry March Show keeps up the process of investigation through choreography and, like in other works, uses improvisation form as a part of composition, However this time improvisation will not be the structural element of the performance, but rather an active performing practice, a device lending an inner vitality to the performance itself.
The subject is to be searched within the elaboration of some special characters – one for each different episode – making up the narrative line of it.
Each work investigates a character and his corruption. Steve McQueen, Henry Rollins, Mikhail Baryshnikov, three icons of the 20th century, are taken as contemporary stereotypes of talent, success and power. Those elements are used by the performer to start the scenic elaboration, redefined and transformed directly on himself until they disintegrate, reaching the folds of his personal obsessions. There is no interest in presenting the existential condition of the original. This is rather an attempt to capture an impotent power, a recognition of the self in a nihilist love for the defeated hero, desperate, beaten and incapable to give up.

In this new step, The Hungry March Show / Yes Sir! (2008) it is the character of Henry Rollins to be cannibalized by the performer who takes over the visibly altered Rollins’ aspect and redefines a new possible story.


Kinkaleri was founded in 1995 as a grouping of formats and means balancing in the attempt. From the outset the company has worked in a number of different directions and areas: plays, performance pieces, installations, video-making, soundtracks, publications. The utterly original structure of the group, both from an organizational point of view and in terms of artistic production, provide the essential framework for the underlying impulse and drive of their work: to throw into sharp focus the representative relationship between the object and the field to which it refers (or should refer). Their productions have therefore always been characterized by the transversality of signs that is progressively undermining the use of representation in the contemporary age, with an artistic language that mixes languages, making them foreign to themselves before redefinition elsewhere. In its work, the company has always sought to privilege innovative practices, with the interaction between original languages through experimentation with different modes of expression. Kinkaleri is currently based at the Spazio K in Prato – Italy and is formed by: Matteo Bambi, Massimo Conti, Marco Mazzoni, Gina Monaco.
Kinkaleri has also realized many site – and situation – specific installations and performance pieces. Since 1995 among the most important performances: Doom (1996), 1.9cc GLX (1998), My love for you will never die (2001). And also (2002/2003) prix UBU 2002, WEST (2003-2007), I Cenci/Spettacolo (2004), pasodoble (2005), 11cover (2006), Nerone (2006), pinocchio (2007), THE HUNGRY MARCH SHOW // Between a carrot and I (2007), Alcuni giorni sono migliori di altri (2008). In 2007 Kinkaleri has organized Wanted in Bologna, a project co-produced by Siemens and realized inside the F.I.S.Co. Festival organized by Xing. Their work has featured or been shown, both in Italy and abroad, in contemporary art museums, theatres, dance and theatre festivals, galleries, video and sound installation seasons.


project, realization: Kinkaleri
with Marco Mazzoni
costume Soft Sculture: Marlène Mangold
coproduction: Kanuti Gildi Saal, Tallinn Estonia
in collaboration with: SPAM! Spazio per le arti contemporanee
special thanks: Fratelli Edison













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