La Nuit

Cie Nacera Belaza

July 7, 2014 - July 8, 2014 20:30

Julidans Amsterdam 2014 | NL

@Theatre Bellevue


La Nuit opens with a progressive widening of the inhabited space, animated by a rotary motion that even it disorients the dancer and deprives her of any reference point, finds its inner orbit.
Her steps form a circle under the ray of light that divides the stage, her arms soar through the air in a whoosh of wind and mark a hypnotic rotation that tells a time flowing sometimes fast, sometimes slow .
The stage becomes an empty place: Nacera Belaza is not in space, is the space.
“An unexpected emptiness that fills all our expectations, in the end this could be my purpose, what I pursued through all my work: carve this void, giving him a body, make it palpable, share it and let it dissolve in the infinite space of our bodies …”

The programme includes also the new creation LES OISEAUX


choreography and interpretation: Nacera Belaza
lighting and sound design: Nacera Belaza
lights: Eric Soyer
sound editing and general organization: Christophe Renaud

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