La terza vita di Leo

Presentation of the book

May 13, 2010 17:00

Institut français Florence | IT


Presentation with: Roberto Bacci, Piergiorgio Giacché, Cesare Molinari, Luisa Pasello, Silvia Pasello and the co-authors

La terza vita di Leo. Gli ultimi vent’anni del teatro di Leo de Berardinis a Bologna (The third life of Leo. The last twenty years of the theatre by Leo de Berardinis) is presented by Claudio Meldolesi with Angela Malfitano and Laura Mariani and by ‘a hundred’ witnesses (Titivillus, Corazzano 2010).

This choral book, cleverly constructed and introduced in its varying expressions by Claudio Meldolesi, shows Leo as a maestro of the contemporary scene and global creator, bringing moments of rebirth for the unification of theatres.


































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