Laura Scudella | Rachele Colombo


May 15, 2009 21:30

Officina Giovani Prato | IT


within MOVING_movimento 2009

A dancer and a musician muse on the mystery of femininity. They rest their eyes on a rose, as if on a crystal ball, to read its secrets of lights and shades. Each petal enfolds a mood. Passions, renunciations, impulses, fears, courage, forgetfulness… Symbols and archetypes surface and cross the stage space of time, the circle where anything might blossom or wilt, where beauty gives place to transience, fertility to sterility, the full to the empty. A flower to investigate oneself through the language of the body and of sound-voice.
A show where vocal experimentation, the use of urban and ethnic sonorities are woven together with the song form and dialogue with empathy through a dance without aesthetic aims, but which resolves to have skin with which to feel and heart and stomach with which to know what to do.
A tribute on tip-toe to the unforgettable Eleonora Duse.
Rachele Colombo


Laura Scudella (Florence, 1969) studied classic and contemporary dance with national and international masters such as Dieter Heitkamp, Urs Stauffer, Antony Arwood, Jess Curtis, Stephanie Maher, Monica Francia, Alito Alessi, Laura Banfi and Carolyn Carlson. She collaborates with the Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni, with which she danced in Mozart Hotel, Woyzeck and Argonautika, and she is co-founder of the Compagnia Secondo Taglio. With the solo L’Accoglienza she took part in the Liverpool Leap Festival in 2004. In the same year she was the choreographer in residence at Exploratorium Dance NorthWest (UK) and made her debut with her new piece, Skinless. She teaches creative and contemporary dance and contact improvisation through work which respects the coherence of movement and the stimulation of self-expression. In 2006 she took part in the Opening Ceremony of the Turin Winter Paralympics. She takes part in Danceability projects, heads internships and courses in collaboration with Laura Banfi, Sauro Lascialfari and Juri Roverato with whom she also dance L’Incontro.
Rachele Colombo (Vincenza, 1964), singer, player of many instruments, and author. After taking up many different musical trends, in the early Nineties she started studying percussion with, among others, Joshua Bamibe, Michael Metzler, Alattin Demirbag, Burhan Ocal and Marco Catinaccio. She followed vocality courses with Jonathan Hart Makwaia, the Romert method, Nada Yoga. Between ’95 and ’99 she was part of the Calicanto folk-revival group, gave concerts and worked in record productions, radio-TV and cinema. Since 2002 she has written music and played on stage at the Teatro Stabile di Innovazione La Piccionaia in Carrara (Rai Sat e Stregagatto award ’05) and for research theatre. Since 2004 she has been a permanent member of the Teatro Civile of Gian Antonio Stella, Gualtiero Bertelli and the Compagnia delle Acque. As percussionist, she took part in Massimo Carlotto’s “Cristiani di Allah” CD and tour. She writes music and sonorisation for contemporary dance and she collaborates with different theatre companies and music ensembles such as the Quarteto Barueco, Il Fondaco dei Suoni and the Antiqua Celtica. She has performed in many European and American ethnic music events and festivals, taking part in projects or jam sessions. Since 2002 when with Corrado Corradi she founded the Archedora project, she has published the CDs Archedora and Descalso (awards: Folk Bulletin and Città di Loano 2006, Rai 2 Terre da Musica, Notturno italiano, Bell’Italia…) devoted to dialect and innovation in the music from the Veneto Region.


choreography: Laura Scudella
original music and sonorisation: Rachele Colombo
organisation direction: Elina Pellegrini











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