Mathematics as the door of the invisible

Luigi Lombardi Vallauri

May 20, 2010 17:00

Institut français Florence | IT


Very soon the math was experienced not only as a scientific discipline, as well as privileged access to eternity, like a ” Immortalize as much as possible ” (Plato).
Even today it makes sense to prolong this millenary, and perhaps perpetual, experience of lay mystics.


Luigi Lombardi Vallauri
After a theological training, he graduated in Law and since 1970 he is an Ordinary Professor of Philosophy of Law at the University of Florence. From 1976 to 1998 he taught Law Philosophy at the Catholic University of Milan.
Author of a large series of philosophical-juridical essays, published between 1967 and 1981, Lombardi Vallauri assumed in 1989 with Terre. Earth of the Nothing, Land of Men, Land of the Other , a radically critical position in the Catholic Orthodox doctrine, opening up a new strand of its search. Later, with Black Light. Sage on Catholicism and apophism, which appeared in 2001, Lombardi conducted a tight criticism of the dogmas of Catholicism, deepening his original philosophical mystic-oriented perspective and rich in echoes of Oriental thought.
In 1998 the prof. Lombardi Vallauri was suspended from teaching at the Catholic University for his teaching, judged heterodox with respect to the doctrine of the Catholic Church.















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