Orizzonti Verticali

Daniele Albanese | Francesca Foscarini | Annalì Rainoldi

July 4, 2013 21:15

San Gimignano | IT

Project for young choreographers by Fabbrica Europa
within Orizzonti Verticali | Arti sceniche in cantiere


Daniele Albanese


dance and drammaturgy: Daniele Albanese
drammaturgy asiistants: Loredana Scianna and Maurizio Soliani
original music: Maurizio Soliani

This work is based on the idea of Wind, not in an atmospheric sense. The wind here is meant as creator and motor of changes and dynamics (in the physical and musical score).

Like the wind the force that moves is invisible, what we can perceive – through movement and sound – is the result of a passage… in an urban landscape.
Francesca Foscarini


from an idea by Sara Wiktorowicz
created with the performer Francesca Foscarini
direction and sound editing: Sara Wiktorowicz
light design: Sara Wiktorowicz and Daniela Vespa

This solo is based on Francesca’s memories about her grandmother. Her research of the movements has originated from memory and itsflow through the body, physically as well as psychologically and emotionally. Francesca worked on the transformation from an old body to a young one, combining different mental states.

Special Award Best Performer (Francesca Foscarini) Premio Equilibrio Roma 2013



Annalì Rainoldi


direction, choreography and performance: Annalì Rainoldi
music: Beats Antique Fratres, Silent Night (live singing)
lights: Nicolò Asahi Cameroni

A female entity on a desert landscape, in her nomadic wandering, recalling the flight of the diataraxia, a butterfly, a moth.
As a rustling of the thought, she unhinges the sense of place, their symbolic orientation, without pausing.
The speeding up, the quickening is her time, and the metamorphosis is her reason of being.
The question that inspired this creation is: which sound have thoughts when you live in a state of total vulnerability?

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