Pietro Pireddu


April 29, 2022 - April 30, 2022 20:15

S’ALA spazio per artist* Sassari | IT

8€ / 5€
reservations: sala.sassari@gmail.com

The choreographer Pietro Pireddu on stage in Sassari with three performances (Fri 29 April h 20:15, Sat 30 April h 18:00 and h 20:15) of his new creation Panimundu, a word that in Sardinian means “bread of the world” and indicates the fruit of the mallow.

Panimundu is a complex life form, an entity made of space, of bodies, of bodies in space, of bodies that inhabit and are inhabited, of actions that are the lymph that nourishes this form of life, of paths that are the result of particular choices, of internal movements.
The interpreters experience themselves, their uniqueness, their limits, experimenting with a reflective approach that lead them to observe their own work in the moment in which it is produced, reproduced, activated. The body is a graphic body, which confronts itself with its own anatomy, with its own existence.
Space is not just a container, it is the habitat in which one’s participation in life is built, it is the projection of an interior in which the vital movement of recognition is generated, in a constant dialogue between the outside and the inside, between the inside and the outside.


choreography: Pietro Pireddu
performed by Carolina Amoretti, Chiara Casiraghi, Maria Novella Tattanelli
sound design: Spartaco Cortesi
co-production: Fabbrica Europa, Compagnia Simona Bucci / Compagnia degli Istanti, S’ALA Produzione


[photo: Giampaolo Becherini]












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