ARB Dance Company / ZEROGRAMMI

May 7, 2012 22:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


A complex web made of organs and nerve pathways rules the balance of our body which is in an endless motion since its first breath. It fights against the loss of a barycenter, even if it is necessary to life.
We analyse with incredible rapidity infinite spatial directions. Having left apart the certainty of a hardly achieved core, we fall into the precarious state of motion. We look for our temporary safe place and the balance that determines the security of our being, the law on which we will base the description of what we are – the harmony of the parts, the measure of breathing and the edge of certainty.
The dialogue with the space and with what stands between us and the dynamics is essential in this game of motion asymmetries.
This is the dialogue that the pièce attempts to express, juxtaposing to a purely physical investigation another not obvious clearly dramaturgical and theatrical level.
It happens, then, that real characters – not just mere dancing bodies with their finite possibilities – come to life in front of us on the stage. They transform the range of impossibilities, the reaction to the obstacle, the ingenuity of the solution or the clever avoidance of it, into lead figures.
Characters on the edge, young precarious people to whom is required the contortionist elastic adaptability, the trapezist feline promptness and the exceptional self-balance sense of the tightrope walker. (Stefano Mazzotta)


a choreographic project by ZEROGRAMMI
project, direction and choreographies: Stefano Mazzotta and Emanuele Sciannamea
with Nicola Picardi, Luigi D’Aiello, Roberta De Rosa, Annalisa Monfreda, Nunzia Valentino, Barbara Mormone
produced by ARABESQUE, Zerogrammi
in association with Circuito Campano della Danza








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