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Premio Toscana Factory - Dance

May 20, 2011 21:00

Stazione Leopolda di Firenze | IT


Toscana Factory – Dance is a competition – open to young artists linked to the Tuscan territory, resident in Italy or abroad – combined with a project of creation residencies in the field of choreography and performing arts promoted by Fondazione Fabbrica Europa.
The selection, in the form of a presentation within the festival Fabbrica Europa 2011, and the prize, in the form of future residence and presentation of the work within Fabbrica Europa 2012, make Toscana Factory dance an opportunity of meeting with international realities, allowing the exchange of experiences and different languages.

A jury mades up of journalists and cultural operators has selected the winners. The prize has been awarded ex-aequo to:
Piergiorgio Milano with DENTI
Eleonora Chiocchini with FRANE

The audience award has been won by:
Valeria Cosi with FEMMEHOMME

The selected works which was presented:

by and with Eleonora Chiocchini
Giulia Zeetti – voice, Gilles Dubroca – sound elaboration, Armand Amar and Shahar – music
thanks to Associazione Culturale Dance Gallery and Compagnia Simona Bucci

The focus of the performance is on the natural phenomenon of landslides and the different dynamics of such an event. A storytelling through images, where sounds and bodies appear, disappear, fall off or collect as fragments of a sliding land.
Eleonora Chiocchini trained as a dancer at the Associazione Culturale Dance Gallery of Perugia. Since 2005 she joined Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni and Compagnia Teatrodanza Tiziana Arnaboldi. She took part in some productions of Habillé d’eau, Aldes of Roberto Castello, Dergah Danza Teatro and Déjà Donné. Since 2009 she has come close to Tuscan territory working with Compagnia Simona Bucci in the project Giuditta e Oloferne, a show co-produced by Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia, with the support of CCN – Centre Chorégraphique National Nord Pas de Calais of Carolyn Carlson. In 2010 she presented an own work within the festival Invito di Sosta as part of the project DaTo/Danza in Toscana.


by and with Veronica Cornacchini
Andrea Nevi – video elaboration, Matteo Gioli – music

Inspired by the project Back to the future by photographer Irina Werning, this research work on movement arises from the will to lead the body to remember a childish gesture, a pure dance, not codified, for a journey back in search of a new instinct.
Veronica Cornacchini, born in Foligno, trained at cultural centre Opus Ballet of Florence, and with Marina Giovannini and Samuele Cardini. Since 2006 she has continued her studies at Scenario Pubblico, under the guidance of Roberto Zappalà and subsequently she joined the Company Zappalà Danza, collaborating from 2006 to 2008. She worked with choreographers such as Yuval Pick and Helge Letonja of Steptex Dance Company of Bremen, dancing in the production Shaum. In 2009 she was chosen by Venice Biennial to be part of the group of young dancers of Arsenale Danza, under the direction of Ismael Ivo.


by Valeria Cosi
with Valeria Cosi, Antonella Digilio
Valeria Cosi – video elaboration from the documentary by Lorella Zanardo, Elisa Battistutta – music

A reflection on the representation of women on television, false and unreal. Faces which ruthlessly become masks of the invasiveness of the plastic surgery, under the sign of the dictatorship of “perfection. ”
Valeria Cosi, born in Tuscany, after a training in contemporary dance with some of the dancers of Virgilio Sieni’s company, pursued her studies at the Rotterdam Dance Academy. Some of her works were selected by important festivals for young choreographers, among which the Opendans Festival of Rotterdam and the Bjcem XIV Biennial of Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean in Skopje. In 2010 she began a work on the body of women, Femmehomme, presented as a first study at TEST extra of the Het Nutshuis in The Hague.


by Sharon Estacio
with Melissa Cosseta, Sharon Estacio, Giuseppe Insalaco, Lauren MacLaughlin, Lucrezia Palandri

The show has been created as a site specific performance for a bookshop/café and arises from the idea to tell what happens in places where most of people socialize, but where some stay alone. Situations in which the audience can observe private moments.
Sharon Estacio is a New Yorker dancer and choreographer. In 2009 she participated as a collaborator/performer of the group Fuori Luogo in the project Non sei più la sigaretta che tenevo in bocca (Maison Bio, Florence) and Tatirifiù Plastique (Ex-Fila, Florence), working on ecological topics. In 2009 she danced in Early Works with Trisha Brown Dance Company at the Festival RED of Reggio Emilia and in 2010 took part as a dancer in the project Mycelial Sketches of Shen Wei Dance Arts.


by and with Piergiorgio Milano

A character lost in his memories, at the mercy of his own emotions. Denti is a clash between the impossibility to leave and the desire to forget. It was created exploring loss, absence, jealousy and desire. Denti has just happened. Denti is all that remains. It is the desire to prevent, growl, bite. Denti is a funny tragedy.
Piergiorgio Milano, born in Pinerolo, graduated at Flic circus school and subsequently moved to France where he studied at Le Lido – Centre des Arts du Cirque of Toulouse. He also deepened the study of contemporary dance at SNDO of Amsterdam. At the same time he founded the collective 320CHILI with which he won the 2010 Equilibrio award with the show Ai migranti, co-produced by Sosta Palmizi. In Tuscany he worked with Giorgio Rossi in Ellypsis and with Raffaella Giordano in AMAFI (2009). He often leads seminars as a teacher.


choreography by Massimo Pierini
concept by Massimo Pierini, Silvia Rubes and Alessio Targioni
with Massimo Pierini and Alessio Targioni
Stefano Franzoni – lighting

Two men meet and mingle in a crescendo of actions; while achieving their collapse, they never meet an epilogue. A bulimic dance where everything becomes meaningless, a futile and omnivorous mechanism, created by themselves and through which they don’t hesitate to give themselves as food.
Massimo Pierini, born in Pisa, trained in classical dance with Marina Van Hoecke and Janusz Pietrasz and also studied modern – contemporary technique and contact improvisation. In 2004 in New York he studied with Trisha Brown Company and at Movement Research. In the United States he knows butoh dance master Atsushi Takenouchi of whom he becomes a pupil. He collaborated with Sabrina Cunha, Yoko Ota, Floriana Lombardo, and butoh master Kan Katsura. Since 2006, together with Floriana Lombardo, he leads Spazio NU.


by Antonello Tudisco
by and with Francesco Colaleo, Luca Cacciapuoti
production: interno5/collettivo NaïDa

IN.CO. explores the lack of communication trying to give answers to a question: how does an external body behave if it becomes a spectator of the relationship between bodies and space?
Regardless of the aim they act with, bodies inevitably come into contact, and each contact between them becomes a place “other” in which differences may be cancelled or emphasized.
Antonello Tudisco trained at Folkwang Schule of Essen, and specialized with Simona Bucci, Antonella Bertoni and David Zambrano. He collaborated on the International Festival of Montalcino. As a choreographer he presented his works at Teatro Nuovo of Naples and at Venice Biennial. He also collaborated with CDTM and Art Garage of Naples. Since 2003 he is co-founder of the association Interno5.


The jury:

Teresa Bettarini – Teatro Metastasio, Prato
Tommaso Chimenti – Nuovo Corriere di Firenze
Patrizia De Bari – Giardino Chiuso, San Gimignano
Leonardo Diana – Versilia Danza / Quartieri Abitati, Bagnone
Daniela Giuliano – CanGo Cantieri Goldonetta, Florencee
Valentina Grazzini – L’Unità
Tuccio Guicciardini – Giardino Chiuso, San Gimignano
Roberto Incerti – La Repubblica
Ina Christel Johannessen – Zero Visibility Corp, Oslo
Roberto Mansi – presidente ADAC Toscana
Alessandra Moretti – Aldes/Spam!, Lucca
Andrea Nanni – Armunia, Castiglioncello
Nabil Ouelhadj – artistic director and choreographer
/ Roots&Routes , Lille
Gabriele Rizza – Il Tirreno/Il Manifesto
Fruzsina Szep – Sziget Festival, Budapest
Francesco Ventriglia – artistic director Maggiodanza, Florence









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