Three films you want to see

Wojciech Krukowski / Akademia Ruchu - Poland

May 3, 2012 - May 5, 2012 11:00

Piazza Ghiberti in Florence | IT

scenic actions

project by Wojciech Krukowski, Akademia Ruchu
curated by Fondazione Pontedera Teatro
with Letizia Argenziano, Brisa Fuentes Astudillo,
Francesca Campigli, Laura Gori, Mirco Innocenti,
Massimo Morelli, Viola Rocchini, Caterina Roti,
Trudy Scroppo, Silvia Sieni, Riccardo Zanda, Gabriele Zeetti

The city seen as a laboratory divided into different areas: an observation area, an acceleration area, an area of slowing down/contact/communication, an area where all these things happen.
Three actions to understand the state of a city through perspective, identification and analysis.
The title Tre film che volete vedere is inspired by three films of the Lumière Brothers, “The sprinkler sprinkled”, “The arrival of a train at the station of La Ciotat”, “Workers leaving the factory”, that become – under the direction of Polish director Wojciech Krukowski – three surprise street actions in three different areas of the city of Florence, in the street, among pedestrians and passengers arriving and departing from a station.


3rd May – Historical Centre, pedestrian zone
(The sprinkler sprinkled)
the integration of the space

4th May – Stazione Porta al Prato
(The arrival of a train at the station)
the social reactions

5th May – Piazza Ghiberti
(Workers leaving the factory)
the description of the space


Wojciech Krukowski was born in Zabiele (Poland) in 1944. In 1973 he founded the Akademia Ruchu Theatre, an interdisciplinary artistic collective working between theatre and visual arts with which he has realized many projects presented in festivals and events around the world. After the political changein his country, he has become director of the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, the most important centre for artistic creation in Poland.













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